It’s super-exciting to start getting customers online. When you start your business and make those first few sales, it can be a real cause for celebration. But, as your business grows, while of course you’re celebrating, it becomes harder to keep track and do the one thing you know you should: follow up.

If you want stronger customer relationships, the importance of the follow-up cannot be undervalued. Following up is something that is somewhat of an art, and that some companies do well and some do poorly. But, as a small business owner, you cannot afford to do it poorly; you must do it every time and regularly.

Here are some ways to follow up that will really make a difference and make you stand out to your audience and your customers.

Send a Thank You Immediately

Always send a thank you or a “congratulations for your purchase” or “for downloading that report” right away. This also establishes that they’re on your email list and due to that, they’re more likely to open these first messages. This is the time to set expectations so that they open the new messages.

Give Them Time to Enjoy It

Now that they have the product, and are on your list, you’re going to of course send information to them about other offers, products, and services that they may be interested in. But don’t forget the product they bought. Follow up specifically about the thing they bought or downloaded to ask them if it’s working, what they like about it, what they’d change, and so forth.

Send a Survey

Once they’ve had time to consume the product, send a survey that gives them the opportunity to tell you about it. Ask them specific questions that shows you what they’ve read or used regarding the product.

Invite Them to Video Training

When someone spends a lot of money on something and then doesn’t use it, it’s usually because they don’t understand it. If you can offer some training via video, this is a great way to get them using the product and feeling pleased about it.

Bring Them into Your Facebook Groups

Create a Facebook group just for customers. These are people who bought from you and spent money from you. Make it private and by invitation only. When they buy, send them the invitation to the group. This is a place they can end up getting help with your product from other users, Customer Service, and you, depending on how big your customer base is.

Set Up a Facebook Group for Freebie Grabbers

If you are giving away a freebie, invite your downloaders to your private Facebook group that’s for freebie grabbers. This way you can help encourage them to buy something, especially if they don’t read your emails enough. Post emails in the group as well as send emails to them.

Drop a Thank You in Snail Mail

A great way to make your customers feel special is to send them a thank you for buying or a congratulation for buying in snail mail. This is a good reason to collect snail mail addresses of people who buy from you.

Building stronger customer relationships is all in the follow-up. Try to bring them into your groups, to follow you on other social platforms, and then remind them to open your emails by telling them about them on those platforms too.

Follow Up Often for Stronger Online Customer Relationships
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