We’re all human and as business owners and managers we are also passionate about our businesses, and as such we can easily make mistakes when dealing with our online presence. These can ruin your reputation very quickly. But thankfully, you can learn about these damaging mistakes and avoid them in your own business.

Responding Negatively to Comments

The online world has set up a system by which consumers can make comments about your company online in many spaces, from their own Facebook walls to your business Facebook page. When someone puts a negative comment, you sometimes have the choice to remove and block them. But, other times you may need to leave the comment up, respond to it as kindly as possible, and then move on. Respond quickly, professionally, positively and helpfully – or not at all.

Not Working to Build Your Online Presence

One way to prevent building a negative reputation is to build a strong, branded online presence. Express your brand’s vision and voice on all social media platforms that your audience uses. Then work toward sharing everything that you add to any platform so that it gets traction among your audience and beyond. Plus, the more activity you start, the more likely that activity is to show up in search engine results.

Not Going to Live Events

While you can build a great reputation online, it’s imperative that you step out and go to live events and that doesn’t mean using Facebook Live it means going to real, in person events that your audience attends. If you can speak at these events, that’s even better. Even if you don’t get paid to speak, it can boost your reputation as an authority on your subject and niche. Going and networking with your audience will let them view you as a genuine and more trustworthy business owner.

Creating Online Groups and Not Participating

Many business owners like to use social media to get more fans and followers. One popular way to do that today is with online groups on Facebook. The problem is that they underestimate what it takes to run a group, and often abandon the group to spam and predators who will lead their members astray. If you’re going to start a group, you need to monitor it, make rules, and personally communicate with your members outside of selling to them.

Not Setting Up Industry / Brand Alerts

A great way to monitor the buzz about your industry and your own brand is to use Google Alerts to set up alerts based on certain keywords. Google will automatically send you information regarding those words. This will give you a great way to comment on industry issues as well as your own brand issues.

You must be proactive to ensure that your reputation is managed online when you have any type of business, but especially an online business. One misstep can take years to undo and can even ruin an entire business. Instead, take charge of your business and your online reputation now so that you can avoid these five mistakes.

Five Mistakes Business Owners Make That Damages Their Reputation
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