If you achieve any measure of success, you will no doubt find yourself with a customer complaint that sets off all your alarm bells, tugs at all the wrong emotions, and causes you to feel defensive. But in reality, you should embrace your vocal customers because they can provide you with so much information.

Thank Them

When someone sends you a complaint like that, the best thing to do is try to read through it without paying attention to trigger words and only pay attention to the meat of the complaint. Then, send them a thank you for the complaint. In your thank you, only address the real issues and not the tone of the complaint. That way you can open the lines of communication in a way that may resolve the issue.

Keep Your Cool

It may be difficult, but you have to stay calm even under the most aggressive punishment from a customer. While it’s true that some complaints should follow an immediate return of money and distance from the person, most can be resolved better if you keep your cool and acknowledge the things that are wrong.

Conflict Isn’t Always Bad

We’ve been trained all our lives to avoid conflict. But, all conflict isn’t bad. Often something really great comes out of the conflict. If there is a way you can improve your offering based on the complaint of the vocal customer, then you should do it.

Look for the Positive

When you see the complaint or hear it from your customer, the best thing you can do is look for the positive. Most customers will tell you how you can resolve it if you listen.

Give Them What They Want

The best thing you can do with a truly vocal customer is to give them what they want if you can. If what they’re asking for doesn’t break the bank, and can potentially turn an angry customer into a happy customer even if you take a loss, do it.

Focus on Customer Experience

Turning your focus to customer experience is imperative. Today, there isn’t much that is more important than customer experience. How does the customer feel during every stage of the buying process when using your technology, and then ultimately using your product?

Identify Customer Needs and Wants

When you look at the information that your customers share with you, try to pick out the things your customers need and want the most. Then provide it to them.

Customize Products and Services

If possible, consider focusing on the customer of one, instead of a group of customers. If possible, customize products and services for each individual customer so that it works best for them.

Your most vocal customers, no matter whether they send you bad news or not, are people who you need to listen to. Be thankful for customers who will truly tell you what they think; they can be a wealth of information. Even if it’s a complaint, even if you have to give the money back, they are the ones who will tell you what they think. The silent customers might not tell you, but they’ll for sure tell everyone they know.

Embracing Your Most Vocal Customers
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