A great way to earn money online is to sell digital products. Today, there are many different types of digital products that you can create and sell online. Here is a small list and sampling of what can be done due to the advent of online technologies that make it all possible.

1. EBooks

The great thing about eBooks is you can not only sell them right on your own site but you can also self-publish on Amazon Kindle and in other places. EBooks are very popular and earn millions of dollars online every single year. Just on Amazon, they sell almost two million eBooks per day.

2. Photography

Digital photography is another digital product that you can sell on the internet. If you’re a good photographer or know a good photographer, you can sell photography online. People can print it out to put on their wall as art, you can use POD service, or you can sell stock images for others to use.

3. Music

Do you create music? If so, people online need music that they can use for their videos that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Not only that – if you’re an artist or have a small band, there is a way to earn money from your music via iTunes without letting others use it. The sky is truly the limit.

4. Videos

Are you good at creating interesting videos and editing video? That’s a great way to earn money online. You can create done-for-you videos, or you can create them on spec for clients that need video in their marketing.

5. Courses

Digital courses are very popular and sell well online to niche audiences that need to learn something that you can teach them. You can create the course yourself, or you can purchase private label rights courses to sell instead. People have earned six figures and more creating and selling digital courses.

6. Graphics

Are you a graphic designer? People need components of their website designed, including logos, backgrounds, and various elements. This can be very lucrative if sold to the right audience in the right way. If you have this talent, you can get started very easily.

7. Blueprints and Plans

Do you know how to create plans for anything? Homes, woodworking projects, knitting projects, and so forth do very well via digital marketing means. If you’re talented in this way, you can make an unlimited income doing this.

8. Software and Apps

If you’re a coder, you’ve found a goldmine. Millions of dollars are earned by individuals who can create apps and software that people need. Even creating amazing premium WordPress themes can literally make you into a millionaire.

Selling these types of products online is easy if you use a good shopping cart like AMember.com to help you set up simple delivery and product management. Then you can create these types of digital products niched to a certain audience, market them, and make a lot of money.

Eight Types of Digital Products to Sell Online
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