Many people don’t realize that you can actually sell items on Amazon to earn money. You can not only sell new items on Amazon, you can also sell used items on Amazon and make money. You can be a product creator, a private labeller, or you can sell through retail arbitrage. You can ship the items yourself, or you can let Amazon do it for you with their fulfillment by Amazon program (FBA).

Amazon Case Studies

There are numerous case studies of people earning six figures plus selling on Amazon. Read the stories that Amazon has published and you can see that yes, indeed it is possible to make money selling on Amazon. Be forewarned, though; while it’s entirely probable to earn money, the learning curve is steep.

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The popularity of selling on Amazon is so high that people are searching high and low for courses on how to sell on Amazon. While Amazon puts out a free tutorial about everything selling on Amazon, it can be hard for some people to get through. Therefore, a course may help.

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See for Yourself

If you go into the Amazon marketplace, you can identify the outsiders selling on Amazon easily. If they ship “FBA”, it’s likely an outside source that is selling the items by shipping them to Amazon to fulfil the orders or pack and ship the orders. Plus, you can easily identify the individuals who are self-shipping too.

Several Ways to Earn

On Amazon you can sell and ship yourself some items like books, or you can use FBA for other items when approved. You can also develop and manufacture your own products, or you can become a private label seller. You can even sell your homemade crafts through their Handmade at Amazon program.

From Soup to Nuts

Amazon is a one-stop shop for buying all kinds of things that you can’t find locally. People sign up with Amazon, keep their credit card information on file, and then they shop for things that they cannot find – or even everyday items if they have Amazon Prime, due to the free shipping option right from home. To most Amazon shoppers, buying from Amazon doesn’t even feel like spending money. It’s just one click and done.

Amazon Makes It Easy

There are so many tools that Amazon provides to make it easy for sellers to make money on Amazon. They make it simple to list your inventory, pack, label and ship it to them, and let them take care of the rest. For all that they do, they have relatively low fees. If you can sell your product for three times your costs, you can make a profit.

It’s a Real Business

This is a real, viable business for someone who likes dealing with physical products. For the most part, you don’t even have to market your store that much; Amazon takes care of most of that for you. But, of course if you do market you’ll see faster results.

Most Work Part Time

Due to the fact that most successful FBA sellers are only working part time, you can start this without quitting your day job. You can simply work around your work schedule. The hardest part is sourcing a product, and getting it to Amazon for them to ship to people.

It’s crystal clear, that the right person who is willing to work hard and put in what it takes, can indeed make money selling on Amazon. Not only can you make money, you can also earn a living and eventually quit that day job and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

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