When you acquire a new customer, you need to tread carefully and give them the best impression that you can. A customer can hit the buy button and change their mind within minutes if you don’t get everything right with your onboarding practices.

Keep All Your Promises

If you say something, not only should you do it and stick to it but you should also do it a little better than they expected. Don’t promise an easy refund and then make it hard. Don’t promise a “complete” anything that is not really complete. You want your new customers to trust you at your word, and the only way they can do that is by example.

Respond Quickly

When a customer has a question, you need to answer them as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have an answer to the question, you can let them know that you’re researching it and you’ll get back with them in a defined time.

Identify Measurable Objectives

You probably have an idea of what you’d like your customer to do once they’re in your product funnel. Try to set goals that you can easily measure and identify when working or not working so you can change course if needed.

Set Benchmarks

So that you’ll be sure to check up on these things, set specific benchmarks to test. For example, depending on where they entered your funnel you may want a certain percentage to convert to the next level products.

Check Your Analytics

Don’t stop looking at the numbers. The numbers are the only way that you can really know if what you’re doing is working. How are your conversion numbers? How are your retention numbers?

Show Your Customers You Care

Whenever you can do just a little thing extra to let your customers know you care, you should. For example, why not collect phone numbers and call everyone who purchases your biggest product or package within the first couple weeks to ask them how it’s going?

Price Your Products or Services Simply

Don’t confuse your audience by giving too many choices on prices and services or projects. Stick to a few simple ideas and steps, and your customers will be more likely to convert.

Make the Sign-Up Process Simple

The fewer steps you have in your onboarding process, the better. You don’t want your audience to get upset about what you’re putting them through to become your customer. Make it as easy as possible.

Personalize Everything

The more you can personalize the process, the better. If your customers see their names, see that you’re on their side in all their choices and only want the best for them, they’ll respond positively.

Know Your Customers

Study your customers continuously. While your demographic might stay the same, the customers do change over time. The more you can keep up to date with them, the better you can improve your onboarding of new customers.

If you follow these best practices, you’ll be able to maintain your relationships with your customer and learn more about them so that you can create even more solutions for them. After all, it’s a lot easier to keep a customer than to get a new one.

Best Customer Onboarding Practices
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