If you want to work from home, find free time and still make a full-time living, starting a business based on drop shipping may be for you. There are so many benefits to starting this type of business that it’s hard to narrow them down. But, these might convince you.

Work from Home

You can start a drop shipping business with a laptop from your kitchen table. No need to have any storage, inventory, or even a space. If you can use the internet on your computer, you can start this type of business for less than 1000 dollars in many cases.

Get Started Fast

It doesn’t take long to get started once you find your supplier. You’ll simply pay the right fees, buy a business license, and get your website up and running with the right link to the drop shipper. Some drop shipping companies even have the ability to integrate the product feed into your website.

Keep Investment Low

Since you don’t pay for any item until your customer buys it, and in reality they just send you a check for your portion of the earnings, you don’t have much of an investment outside of fees, business licenses and that type of thing. This means you can start a business inexpensively compared to having to buy the product.

Easily Expand Your Product Offerings

If you already offer products to your customers, you can easily expand your offerings by adding drop shipping to your business model. This is a great way to offer more to your customers than you might be able to if you have to invest money in development.

Drop Ship Only

You don’t have to have any other type of business first to get started. You can start a solely drop shipping business where you build websites to market the products you want to sell and let the drop shippers take care of finding products and shipping them. This is no different from opening a gift shop except that you do it online instead of at a bricks-and-mortar location.

Keep Your Own Branding

Many drop ship companies will send shipments in boxes with your branding on the box. The item will still be the name brand of the manufacturer or company that promotes that product, but your branding will be on the box and the paperwork. Just like if you order an LG TV from Amazon; it comes in an Amazon box with Amazon contents but the TV is still an LG.

Build a Large Online Marketplace

You can build a business as big as you want it with drop shipping. You can delve deep into one niche, or you can go wide with several niches. It’s totally up to you. You can build this type of business in the way you want, in almost any known niche available depending on the laws in your country and state.

Have More Freedom

When you aren’t tied down by a physical location, and you don’t have to worry about inventory, you’re going to have a lot more freedom to run this type of business from anywhere. You can actually run this business from any location with just a computer and internet access. Plus, you can do it around the things that are important to you.

Having a drop shipping business can be very lucrative, depending on the type of business you want to have. You can add a few products to your current blog or website instead of running Google Ads or using affiliate products, or you can run a drop ship only business in one or more categories. It’s up to you how you do it, but it’s a real business model that you can really make work for you.

Benefits of Starting a Drop Shipping Business
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