Cloud based software is also commonly known as “software as a service” or SaaS. Basically cloud based software is a business model that uses licensing and monthly fees to allow the user to have access to using the software on the owners servers. The user will often access the software using a special URL, username and password. As long as the user pays their monthly fee, they are able to keep using the software.

There are numerous benefits of using cloud-based software, here are a few of them.

Automatic Updates of Cloud Based Software

No more having to pay a large fee to upgrade outdated software. Now the upgrades happen anytime they’re needed without you worrying about them at all. It all happens seamlessly within the cloud-based system and you don’t even have to give it a thought, you just enjoy the benefits each upgrade brings.

Work from Anywhere

You are no longer tied to your desktop where the software is traditionally loaded. Now you and your staff can literally work from anywhere, often using many different types of devices. Location is now only limited to having a device and an internet connection.

Scale Up or Down as the Need Arises.

Start small and build it bigger, you can even downgrade when needed during slow seasons. Most cloud-based software programs allow you to upgrade and downgrade easily without affecting the functionality of the software.

Lower Start Up Costs

A small business can get started with fully functional software that they need for a lot lower cost than traditionally installed desktop software. Businesses used to have to spend thousands to get started with the same software, whilst now that can literally cost less than one hundred dollars.

Allows You to Globalize Your Business

You are no longer limited to hiring people in your geographical area. Now you can hire the best talent across the globe. They can sign into your system with their own device, using their own internet connection, thus giving you many more options than you had in the past and giving your employees access to some of the best software around.

Lower Training Costs

Most cloud-based software programs offer their own training, so users can sign on and watch videos already created and send messages to the help desk on their own without your involvement, this is an important time saving feature.

More User Friendly

Cloud based vendors want many people to use it, so they need to make it user friendly. Most cloud-based software programs are designed with well laid out navigation, and some even let you change it to suit your own needs. Typically you can use what you want, and hide what you don’t.

Fewer IT Requirements

You don’t have to have any IT on staff to help you manage cloud-based software programs. What’s more, you can find cloud-based solutions even for software you’re used to and that used to have to be installed natively, such as MS Office with their Office 365 solution or Adobe with their Creative Cloud option.

Cloud based software programs are very effective and are a great option to consider using in your business. Another little-known benefit is the ability to write off 100 percent of the cost of software subscriptions. When you pay monthly for anything such as rental furniture or software subscriptions, you can deduct 100 percent, whereas if you buy it outright you have to count it as an asset depreciate. Oh and this also applies to all of the website rentals we do via (Do check with your tax advisor for current rules.)

Some Benefits of Cloud Based Software or SaaS
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