Become an Expert in Your Niche

Anyone can call themselves an expert, in fact I know many that do simply as a marketing tactic, sadly for those they hook. What you should aim for is being perceived by others as the expert in your niche or the go to authority if you like. One of the reasons to produce and share content that you create is to become an expert in your niche. As an expert in your niche you will gain a certain amount of respect which in turn generates more traffic due to your perceived expertise. But to become a perceived expert in your niche you need to start at the beginning.

Blog Often If You Want to be Perceived as an Expert in Your Niche

Make sure you have a blog on your main company website and then start blogging. You should aim for around twenty blog articles per month, these can be written in bulk and scheduled to be posted daily. Make sure your blog stays on focus and simply start at the beginning from a beginner’s perspective and work your way up over the coming months, years too much more advanced topics. You can also guest blog as long as you’re strategic on the websites you select so that you reach your target audience. Blogging often, is the best way to get traffic to your website.

Write Articles If You Want to be Perceived as an Expert in Your Niche

Expand some of your better blogging posts and write new articles and white papers about your niche on topics your audience would be interested in. Find a magazine (online or offline) in which you can contribute your articles as an expert in your niche. If you submit a compelling article, it’s likely your submission will be used. This type of content and publicity helps establish you as the go to expert in your niche in the eyes of the publications readers.

Become a Resource If You Want to be Perceived as an Expert in Your Niche

Let the local and national press know that you’re a resource they can call on when they need a quote about your niche. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as sending email to reporters when they write about your niche, making blog comments, and using a service like HARO (Help a Reporter Out – check them out in Twitter). HARO is a way that you can sign up to be a source to qualified reporters on any topic you choose. There are free and paid opportunities. This is perhaps the hardest nut to crack as everyone wants to do this, however people like people that help, so my advice is to start small and help as often as you can, and start with just a few interesting comments.

Set up Consistent Profiles If You Want to be Perceived as an Expert in Your Niche

This is perhaps the easiest thing to do, however it never ceases to amaze me how many people send completely different messages dependant on which website, or social media channel they connect with you on. No matter whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or your blog, your profiles should be very consistent. You want to be very careful about contradicting who you are across accounts. Ensure that you essentially say the same thing on each social media account but in different ways based on the type of social media account. For instance, LinkedIn is more business and buttoned up, while Facebook is more social – more like an after-hours business event. Of course, be businesslike and professional on all accounts.

Send Out Interesting Press Releases If You Want to be Perceived as an Expert in Your Niche

Become an Expert in Your NicheWhen you do something exciting in your business, whether it’s publishing a book, having a webinar, or conducting an interview for a radio show or podcast, send out a press release. Press releases are a good way to get online back links to your website but they’re also a good way to get in print.

I once gained a national account simply by submitting a press release to a local business newspaper, this resulted in a full page article being published, which in turn generated an enquiry from this major national account. Press releases work, the secret to them I have found is to make them news worthy and to be open and honest. If you are pushy and come across as to sales focused you’ll simply turn people away.

Form Partnerships with Other Experts If You Want to be Perceived as an Expert in Your Niche

A really good way to get your name out there is to form a joint venture with another expert. Perhaps you know an expert who markets to your audience but performs or creates a complementary service or product. Seek to do something with that person such as a webinar, podcast show, or jointly write an informative eBook.

When starting with joint ventures of this nature, the higher up the food chain the perceived expert is, the harder it is to connect with, recognise this and act accordingly. A well respected and well published expert in your niche isn’t necessarily going to agree to writing an eBook with you, however they might agree to allowing you to co-brand one if you do all of the hard work and they simply have to add their name to the finished item.

Finally, it’s important to work on yourself and your knowledge of the area you want to become an expert in. Malcolm Gladwell, in his bestselling book, Outliers: The Story of Success, surmised that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on any topic. Seek to keep learning as you become a true expert. You don’t have to wait until you’ve spent 10,000 hours to start presenting yourself as an expert. If you start now, by the time you are truly recognized as an expert you’ll be close.


Become an Expert in Your Niche
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