Using mobile devices for business is actually taking over from the use of PCs. The reason is that people are more on the go than ever before. We can now work from all sorts of locations and fix things right on the spot due to the advent of powerful mobile devices. However, there are some tips and apps that you should consider deploying to avoid serious problems with your business mobile phone.

Always Set a Pin or Password

Do set up a pin or password so that no one can break into your device without it. That way if you lose it, it’s locked and no one can access the information. Make sure that it’s set up and works so that you can prevent this type of content theft if your phone is lost or stolen.

Install Only Trusted Apps

When you’re offered apps, ensure that they’re trustworthy apps. Install security software to help you avoid downloading any questionable apps. Read the reviews of all apps; ask your friends and colleagues about the apps they use to ensure that you only download what you need and what is trusted.

Enable Remote Location and Wiping

Most phones have the ability to enable remote location as well as wiping. For Android you can do it via Google by linking your phone to Google (see link below), and similar facilities are available for Apple (see link below). This way if your phone is lost you might either find it by making it ring or you can use GPS to locate it, or if you can’t you can at least wipe the information off it.

Android directions –
Apple directions –

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

When you’re using public Wi-Fi there is almost always a risk of someone trying to access your information. The first thing you should do is turn off sharing and turn on your firewall; this will prevent people from seeing that you’re on the network and “sharing” with you.


This password saver and protector works on all devices and syncs with all devices if you upgrade to the premium version, which currently is about 12 dollars per year. It generates passwords, saves and fills them in, and offers two-factor authentication.

Link –


If you deal with super-private information, you need Skycure to help you. Over 50 percent of business mobile devices will be cracked just in the next 16 weeks, not to mention that many are running outdated operating systems which can only help scammers and thieves break into your system more easily.

Link –

NowSecure Mobile

Their NowSecure Protect plan can help people with mobile devices that must connect with internal networks so they can avoid passing on malware and viruses. You can give people access to or block them from various types of data. It helps teams work together better.

Link –

Finally, remember that before you donate or give away (or sell) your mobile business phone, you need to wipe it clean and destroy all the information on it so that someone that uses it can’t access your personal information.

Apps to Use to Secure Your Business Mobile Phone
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