In the seemingly never ending quest to find a never ending stream of perfect customers and clients, a holistic approach to growing your business could be the best solution to allow you to succeed. To seek a holistic approach to growing your business is to seek to grow your business mindfully and thoughtfully. This is completely different to how many people run a business, often referred to as by the seat of your pants, which tends to trust a lot to luck and good fortune. Instead, if you have a holistic approach, you are actively planning for success in all aspects of your business and your life.

A holistic business strategy includes formally planning for all aspects of your business and life in a way that works best for you and your loved ones. Incorporating all aspects of your business into every plan is important. For example, how does customer service come in when it comes to sales? Every part of your business is part of the whole and should be considered in a holistic approach to growing your business.

Throw Out the Box

In business we’re used to stuffing everything into defined boxes, silos or pigeon holes: social media marketing, customer service, email marketing, website marketing, content marketing and so forth. These are all separate things, but they work together and should be thought of as part of a whole rather than as separate elements you can pick and choose from.

Build Solid Foundations

When you want to build a business holistically, it’s important to lay the right foundation by integrating each part of your business together using the right technology. Systems exist to help you bring customer relationship management in with sales, as an example. Utilize as many as you can.

Include Everyone

If you have a team, whether contractors or employees, it’s imperative that you include as many of your team members as possible, so that they understand how each part of business affects every other part of business. For example, app developers may want to work with customer service to get a better idea of how customer facing members deal with customers and what customers really want the most.

Automate Processes

There are many processes that can be automated to make everything work much better together. For example, from your website you can publish blog posts, and then make them automatically publish to social media at regular intervals, you can have newsletter automatically created and sent out… you can grow your social media accounts, generate sales, etc.… all automatically. Plus, replies can go straight into your customer service management system, which can also be delivered to marketing.

Get Real Social

Building relationships is really every business’s first goal if they want to build a bigger business and increase profits. Without building relationships you can’t succeed especially in today’s social world. This has however always been true, even though social media has made every business much more visible and accountable. That old store in town that had owners people loved the most, were the ones who were most popular and profitable, even in the 1800s.

Serve Your Market

If you can think of how you can be of service to your customers instead of what they can do for you, you’ll be more successful with a holistic approach. The reason is that everything comes down to the customer. Make all aspects of your business customer centric and you can’t help but succeed.

Build Trust

Building relationships is a crucial part of building trust. But, the way people grow to trust anyone is the same whether it’s business related or not. The past is always a good indicator of the future; therefore, set the record by always acting in a transparent and open way about any issues that arise.

Test – Don’t throw out metrics.

Testing everything is important, did that sales or landing page work as you hoped? Are your customers satisfied with your customer service options? Do you know? If you don’t know how to check any particular metric, it’s time to learn.

When you build a business with holistic approaches, all that this means is that you realize how every part of your business works in concert with every other part of it. Honestly, it’s nothing new, just rebadged to today’s terminology. If you have sought to build a sustainable, customer-centric, lean, successful business.

A Holistic Approach to Growing Your Business
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