Leaders are prone to take risks and those risks may cause others to see them as ‘losers,’ especially if the leaders don’t have full knowledge of what the endeavor consists of before they become involved. Some mistakes come from thinking so radically that it’s impossible to know how taking a chance will turn out. If it turns out well, the leader is a hero. If not, serious consequences may be the result.

There are some common mistakes made among most leaders that are avoidable if you know some leadership strategies. Here are five common mistakes which can and should be avoided if you’re in a leadership role:

  1. Focusing on tasks rather than reaching the ultimate goal. Focusing too much on “busy work” can keep you from getting the results you want and desire from a team. Great leaders tend to focus on the end results being reached more than looking or being busy at all times.
  2. Checking up on employees rather than engaging them. Make it a point to get to know your team members and engage them in conversation which can pinpoint what makes them tick. It’s important to get your vision across, and you can’t do that if you merely check in once in a while.
  3. Don’t stick to your own leadership style. You can learn from other leaders in history and in your business, but don’t mimic them when it comes to your leadership style. Develop your own and stick to it to become a leader who stands out from the others.
  4. Resist change. Many leaders tend to do what they’ve always done in terms of leading. One reason is that they’re too overwhelmed with the complex tasks and responsibilities that leaders must take on. If you want your business or team to prosper and grow, take some time to expose yourself to new ideas that will impact your leadership ability in a positive way.
  5. Hire people too fast to fill a slot. Hiring someone just to fill a void isn’t a good way to build a team you can count on. You’ll invest time and effort in managing the “new hire,” but may eventually need to let him go if you find you’ve made a mistake in hiring. True leaders take their time when hiring and make sure they can complete the work and grow along with the company or team.

Know what’s expected of you in the leadership position. You can’t lead others if you don’t know what you’re striving for, so be sure you’re clear and focused on the vision rather than the small tasks of the job.

5 Common Mistakes Leaders Make
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