How to Deal With and Fix Bad Reviews

Once you go public with anything, you must expect that no matter how wonderful your products and services are, you’re going to get some bad reviews. In fact, the more popular you are, the more likely you are to not only get bad reviews but really mean ones too. But, you can turn things around by how you deal with and fix bad reviews. Don’t Get Defensive When you see

Pros and Cons of Starting a Drop Shipping Company

A drop shipping company can be a lucrative business to start. With this type of business, products are sourced from a third party manufacturer for your audience, and you then list them on your website using the technology provided by the manufacturer. The products look as if they come from your business, but when an order is placed and paid for, you’ll order the product from the manufacturer and the

Project Management Training: Do You Need It?

When it comes to project management, you won’t have any issues finding training, it exists everywhere. But, do you really need it? Should you consider attending project management training? The best way to determine whether you need training or not is to think about who you are and how you learn best, and then look at the different types of training available to find out if anything fits with your learning

How to Measure Business Success

Measuring your businesses success is entirely possible and something that you should try to do on a regular basis. Checking up on where your business is at least once a year is a great way to ensure your continued success, because it’ll make you more aware of how each choice you make affects your business outcomes. Profit Margins How are your profit margins compared to the rest of your industry?

How to Refocus Your Project When Things Get Off Track

It happens, no matter how hard you have worked and planned, something goes wrong, something unforeseen happens and your project starts to go off the rails (off track). But that’s normal, the secret is to pay attention and to continually check on your projects progress because then you are aware of issues as they arise and can refocus your project accordingly. Address Issues Immediately The best way to address issues

Which Ethics Are Most Important to Your Customers, Peers, and Staff

One could argue that all ethics are important, but that may not be true. It’s important to understand that ethics aren’t the same as laws. What is ethical to you may be unethical to someone else. But, overall the following is what customers, peers, and staff care most about in terms of business ethics. Honesty and Integrity Sometimes it can be hard for business owners to be honest with their

Interview Questions to Ask to Ensure You Hire Ethical Staff Members

Ensuring you have ethical staff members starts from the moment you list the job, keeps going through the interview process, and continues during the training process and throughout each employee’s lifetime with your company. Thankfully, there are ways to make sure that you hire ethical staff members. It just takes a little extra effort. Start with your job listing by stating exactly what type of person you want to hire.

Factors That Affect Business Success

Entrepreneurs all over the world have various success stories about how they became a success that they like to share with everyone. If you read these stories with envy and think that you can’t do it too, you’re wrong, yYou can do it. To understand the factors that affect business success, break down the success stories that you know to find out what they all have in common. More than

Project Management Tools to Aid You in the Planning Process

A large part of project management is project planning. It’s important to set up the process in an orderly manner that considers all facets of the issues you may face. For example, visualizing the entire process can help you avoid issues that come up with one task having to be done before another task. Let’s look at some tools that can help make the project planning process easier. MindMeister Many

What Does It Mean to Be an Ethical Business Owner?

The thing to remember about ethics is that sometimes things are unethical but still legal. According to’s definition, business ethics refers to “the study and examination of moral and social responsibility in relation to business practices and decision-making in business.” In practice, the following are characteristics of an ethical business owner. Demonstrates Ethical Business Practices When someone wants to be ethical they not only talk the talk, but they


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