Increase Your ROI by Focusing on the User Experience

There are many areas where you can make improvements, utilizing “user experience” as your guide. From creating your website to creating the products you promote to your users, their experience should be paramount. After all, everything you do is for your ideal customer, not for everyone else. Therefore, everything about user experience needs to be studied and tested from your ideal customer’s perspective. Website How often have you heard that

Outsourcing – Raising the Stakes and the Pay

Outsourcing is a great way to fill in the gaps in your company and get things done. But it can be hard to figure out how much to pay people that you outsource to. Outsourcing is very important for small companies; it helps them compete with larger companies and it offers freelancers a way to build their own business too. But, if you’re hiring outsourcers, how do you know when

Clear Indications You Need to Start Outsourcing

If you’ve been thinking of outsourcing, you should absolutely do it. But if you’ve been afraid to do it, the problem may be that you don’t know whether you’re ready for outsourcing or not. There are some clear indications you need to start outsourcing that you should think about. But remember, you do not have to wait for these things to happen. You can start outsourcing right away, or you

Top Five Reasons Why People Are Reluctant to Buy

There are reasons that your audience can be reluctant to buy. They often lack trust, have trouble coming to a decision, procrastinate, worry about money, and so on. Or maybe they didn’t think to buy because you didn’t tell them to. Thankfully, there are ways you can overcome these issues right in your sales page, in your marketing messages, and anywhere you engage with your ideal customers. Lack of Trust

Pricing It Right: A Quick Way to Up Your ROI

Pricing is one of the fastest ways to improve your return on investment, and there is a method for pricing that can increase your ROI fast. It’s called value pricing, lots of people think in terms of cost of goods sold and a bunch of other associated cost factors. Or if it’s a service, they often think in terms of hourly rates rather than value rates. But most customers choose

Finding Your Own Path to Productivity

Productivity is a popular buzzword. A search on the internet will yield millions of pages about the topic. But all this advice about how to be more productive can actually make people feel even more overwhelmed. The important thing to remember is that everyone is different. What works for one person might be a total failure for another. Testing and tracking different methods for boosting productivity can help you find

Ways to Use Chatbots in Your Business

There are a number of ways to use chatbots in your business in order to develop a relationship with your target audience and keep your customers happy. Customer Service Customer service that is as close to real time as possible is bound to impress customers. Many large businesses have taken to Twitter and other social media sites to interact more rapidly with those who contact them. The trouble is, they

How to Keep Moving Forward When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

If you are running your own business, and/or working full time and are trying to maintain a work-life balance, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. There is always so much to do every day and the list seems to grow ever longer as new technology, marketing methods, clients and so on all need to be dealt with. Some people get so overwhelmed, they shut down completely. They literally don’t know

Things to Consider When Choosing Which Tasks to Automate

When thinking about what business tasks and processes to automate, there are a number of key considerations. Some business tasks are much better suited to automation than others. Having said that, partial or full automation can save a lot of time and money, especially if you find tools that suit your needs and which are free or affordable. Why Automate? If you are running your own business, there are never

Top Amazon Features for Consumers and How to Get the Most from Them

Amazon is the most popular shopping site in the world, with more than $1 trillion USD in sales in 2017. One of the reasons for this success is the many features they offer for consumers that can connect them with pretty much anything their heart desires. This is done quickly and easily via the most up-to-date technology, and Amazon backs up everything with excellent customer service. Here are just a


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