Understanding the Product Development and Creation Process

If you want to make money online and ideally keep one hundred percent of the profits for yourself, its important to understand the product creation and development process. I’ve been doing this web stuff since it started and I had one client that wouldn’t listen to reason, he spent over fifty thousand dollars based on an idea he thought was a great one without doing any market research and without

How to Come Up With Your Next Great Product Idea

Once you decide to start creating products yourself (such as digital products), your first step will be a brainstorming process in order to come up with great ideas which you can then follow through with. The entire goal of creating your own products will be to make sales and profits, keeping 100% of the revenue for yourself. This being the case, it is important to start out with a good

How Good Are You at Product Creation?

Product creation is essential for any successful online business, and it’s great to start out as an affiliate marketer earning commissions, but it is only by creating and marketing your own products that you can really start to be in control of your own business and future. It can be rather daunting to think about launching your own product. But it does not have to be. Product creation is easier

Can You Really Find a Lucrative Work from Home Position?

Working from home and making a lucrative income seems like a luxury, but working from home has become a necessity for many people. Various economic downturns has encouraged people to seek out more and more creative ways to make money. One that typically requires less to get started is a work from home position, either as your own boss or working for someone else. Is it truly possible to make

How to Grow Your Business by Publishing a Book

Becoming a published author can help you build your brand as an expert, or as the CEO of a successful business. It can also help position you as a thought leader in your industry. If you haven’t already published a book related to your niche to show off your knowledge, you could be leaving money on the table. Why Write and Publish a Book? Authors tend to have a certain

How to Add a Membership Program to Your Business Model

Many bloggers dream of adding a membership program to their blog in order to start earning money from their content instead of giving it away for free. This actually makes good business sense, a successful membership site can help you earn a steady stream of income every month. However, it is important to look before you leap. The money may sound very attractive, but there is a real commitment involved

Four Types of Membership Sites or Business Models to Consider

There are a number of different types of membership sites and business models to choose from. Some will suit your niche or business better than others. A Regular Membership Site This is the traditional site in which a member is given exclusive content within a private members’ area that they can access once they have paid their fee. It will offer a range of content and be useful for almost

The Three Most Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online

Savvy entrepreneurs are selling all sorts of digital products these days. However, there are three which are amongst the most successful and therefore the easiest ways to earn money online. They are: An ebook An online course A membership site Let’s look at each of these in turn. Ebooks Thanks to the Amazon Kindle ebook reader and book publishing platform, it has never been easier to create and sell an

Six Ideas for Affiliate Partnerships

Many small business owners are scared of competition, when in reality the the truth is that most of us can’t do everything ourselves. This being the case, affiliate partnerships and joint venture partnerships, in which one or more entrepreneurs choose to work together, can be the perfect way to cover all the bases and make more revenue than ever before. There are a number of ways to do this for


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