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What Is a Customer Success Journey Map?

The customer success journey map is a lot like the idea of the product funnel. You need to know exactly where your customer is going to know what to expect in the end. It might go something like this: Trigger Something causes the customer to engage or buy so that they end up on your email list and in your product funnel. Onboarding They are put into the funnel and

Are Customers Always Right?

You’ve heard it many times before, “The customer is always right.” We often hear things like this and take it on face value and believe it’s true even when it’s simply not the case. No one is always right, not even me (especially me), all of the time. But, there is a some truth in it from a business person’s perspective, in order to keep customers happy and the buzz

Meeting Your Business Goals during the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a fun and exciting time but also a trying time for a business owner. You’ll find that you are being pulled in more directions than normal. But, the good news is that this happens every single year, so as a business owner you can plan in advance for this issue and make the most of it. Adjust Your Calendar You’re simply not going to be able

How Unplugging Can Lead to More Success

No matter what type of work you do, taking time out from extraneous technology can make all the difference in your life. Even if you have a tech-type job, unplugging can lead to more success. Gives You More Uninterrupted Quality Time When you unplug from even something small like social media, or choose to only check your email three times a day, you’ll suddenly have more time that is not

Is It Time to Move Out of Your Home Office?

Starting an at-home business can be exciting. You think you can do it all right from your spare bedroom / home office – and you can, for a long time. But, some businesses get to a point where it’s impossible to keep it at home. Home has a lot of distractions and problems sometimes. This is especially true if you have any type of inventory you need to keep up

Tools to Help with the Customer Onboarding Process

Thankfully there is a lot of great technology out there to help you with your onboarding process. In fact, you can practically set up everything so that it’s automated for the most part – you just need to understand how to lead your customers through your product funnel at their level and take advantage of their mindset. Your Website Don’t underestimate the power of a well-built website, especially if I’ve

Some Common Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid

When bringing on new customers, it’s important to avoid the mistakes that are often made during the process. Your goal is to bring customers into your funnel and move them through the funnel in a reasonable amount of time. To do that you need to avoid these mistakes. Over Promising If  you blow too much smoke, you’ll end up getting burned. Nothing is worse than telling a customer something and

The Power of No: How to Use No to Become More Successful

Learning to not only say no, but also to hear no, is an important part of any business person’s business education. Whether learned on the job or by reading informative and educational articles, books, and blog posts, the power of no is clear. The first thing you need to learn is the art of saying no. Saying no is an important part of ensuring that you have time to devote

Best Customer Onboarding Practices

When you acquire a new customer, you need to tread carefully and give them the best impression that you can. A customer can hit the buy button and change their mind within minutes if you don’t get everything right with your onboarding practices. Keep All Your Promises If you say something, not only should you do it and stick to it but you should also do it a little better


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