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Should You Advertise on Social Media?

Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is an effective way to increase followers, build your email list, and to engage with your audience more. You can almost reach out and touch your ideal audience with just a few clicks of the mouse. But first, you must get their attention, and one of the best ways to do that is to advertise on social media. It’s Inexpensive

How to Add More Persuasion to Your Copy

Learning how to add persuasion to your writing will make a huge difference to your business and to the content you create. This may seem a little unnatural to you, but if you think about it, pretty much anyone in any type of business must sometimes persuade others to act in some manner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, speaker, actor, or sales professional, even if you’re a mom

How to Create Consistent YouTube Content

YouTube is an excellent place to build an audience and share information about your business. But, building an audience takes time and patience, as well as consistent, relevant, and useful content. Creating that type of content requires understanding who your target audience is and knowing what yours and their goals are, while also allowing for flexibility due to current news and trends. Know Your Target Audience Before you sit down

Ideas to Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is a great addition to your website and your email list to help you with marketing, do please note that it doesn’t replace these, it complements them. The point of having an active Facebook page is so that you can engage more with your audience, but also so that you can move them to your email list. To accomplish both, here are a few ideas that will

Why Work with Micro Influencers?

Micro-influencers are people who often (not always) have an Instagram, or a YouTube channel, and who have created an audience within a niche. Typically, you’ll see mostly travel, fitness, beauty, food, and tangible products being unboxed, demonstrated, or otherwise discussed by an influencer, either for pay or just because they like the product. Increasingly, you’re seeing influencer marketing beyond tangible goods, as software and app creators start using influencers in

How to Write About a Problem If You Haven’t Experienced It

A good copywriter can write effective copy for any type of product or service, without ever having used the product or service for themselves. Even if they haven’t experienced a problem personally that the product or service solves, they can study it enough to develop an understanding of it, to show empathy for the situation so that they relate to the copy on the page. Don’t Try to Reinvent the

Why You Need a Reputation Management Strategy

Every business should be concerned about their reputation. Especially with social media, it’s now so easy for negative information to grow and influence your audience. Oh and always remember people that are happy with your business, seldom common but those few that you upset more often than not will. If you don’t have some sort of reputation management strategy in place, you may end up having problems and not even

The AIDA Content Marketing Strategy

AIDA is popular marketing concept (an acronym of Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) which can easily be used to develop an amazing content marketing strategy that generates results for any type of product or service. It’s all based on the marketing funnel and where your buyers are in their buying cycle. Awareness This is the process by which your audience is learning your products, services, or problem. The audience only knows

How You Handle Negative Comments Can Impact Your Reputation

When you’re in business long enough, you’re bound to have someone react negatively to something that you do or don’t do. They might put a nasty comment on one of your books on Amazon, they may put a comment on a Facebook post, or they might even give you a bad rating on Google or Facebook. You may also get a complaint via email about your products or services. Because


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