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Eight Tips for Better Social Media Storytelling

Humans love stories. They love hearing them, and telling them, and being part of them. Stories have literally brought humans to civilization by passing them down from one person to the next – even before we had the ability to write them down. Stories bind us together as humans and make us different from other animals on this planet. That’s why you want to get good at telling your story

How to Get Your Customers to Help You Grow Your List

The old saying that “birds of a feather flock together” is very true. When you have one customer, they probably have many friends who would love the products that you create and sell. The trick is getting them to share their secret with others so that you can grow your list. Make Your Emails Sharable Most autoresponders can allow and encourage your audience to share your email messages with others.

Nine Tactics for Improving Your Email Click-Through Rate

Getting a higher click through rate isn’t only about your internal message. After all, before you can ever get them to click through, you need to get them to open the email. Therefore, it all starts from the day they sign up for your email list through to them clicking through, including where they land. 1. Create Compelling Subject Lines The first thing your audience sees when they get your

Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Segmentation in Your Email Marketing

Segmenting your email marketing is not difficult with today’s technology. You can do basic demographic segmentation simply, but you can also do more difficult behavioral segmentation much more easily now due to all the improvements in email autoresponder technology over the years. There are many more reasons than ten why you should use segmentation in your email marketing, but these are good enough to make you realize you need to

How to Write a Social Media Friendly Press Release

A social media press release is just a normal press release, but it also includes video, images, social media links and anything that helps your audience and influencers find, share, and publicize what you’re doing. What’s awesome is that according to, social media-friendly press releases are ten times more effective. To create a social media-friendly press release, follow these steps. Use the same criteria as a standard press release

Ten Ways to Make Sure Your Brand Message Is Getting Through to Your Audience

When you’re trying to build an audience, you want to ensure that you’re building the right audience. That means you need a crystal-clear message that resonates with just the right people. That can take time to develop but when it’s done right, it really works and more importantly, it’s lasting. 1. Determine Your Ideal Customer Before you even try to create a brand message, you need to know who your

Steps for Identifying Key Influencers

When you decide to use key influencers to help you market your product to a wider audience, you need to be ready. Even an influencer with a smaller audience can increase sales exponentially if you choose the right person. A lot goes into ensuring that you’ve picked the right person but if you do that work first, you won’t be disappointed. Follow Every Expert You Can Find First, use keywords

Some Ideas for Motivating Your Affiliates

Once you attract affiliates, if you want to keep them promoting for you, it’s imperative to make it simple for them. Don’t create tons of rules or put blocks in their way regarding promoting your products. At the same time, don’t keep around dishonest affiliates no matter how much they sell. This will encourage good people to stick around and keep your business healthy. Create a Private Forum or Facebook

Simple Strategies for Improving Your Media Outreach and Increasing Awareness

When you want to create more awareness for your small business, it’s important to know how to use the media for this purpose. Naturally, you should start with creating an amazing websites, social media networks, and a well-rounded online presence, this after all is how people judge businesses nowadays. But, don’t stop there if you really want to get the media’s attention and increase awareness. Know Your Audience Everything always

How to Build Your Audience on Facebook

Building an audience on Facebook is not only fun, but it’s also essential today for a business to survive. People are more social online today than they were before social media. Now people are being social even when they’re in the bed trying to sleep. If you want to build your Facebook audience, these are the steps to take. Create a Professional Profile Start with your personal page and create


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