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Nine Ways to Improve Your Online Connections

Online connections are very important to any online business. How you treat your connections will play an important part in how well your business runs in the long term. People talk about you behind your back and you want what they say to be flattering. These nine ways to improve your online connections will help tremendously. 1. Have Live Facebook Events The hottest way to improve your online connections today

Are Your Social Media Efforts Working for You? Measuring with Metrics

How do you know if what you’re doing on social media is getting the results you want? The way to know for sure is to monitor your results using an analytics program. You can use the native metrics the social media platform offers, or choose an analytical tool. Clarifying Your Goals The first step is to clarify your goals in using social media. A few examples of social media goals

The Biggest Social Media Time Wasters and How to Get Rid of Them

Managing your social media so that you get results takes a great deal of time. But, there are many distractions that whittle away precious time on activities that produce zero results. Here are the biggest time wasters on social media and how you can avoid them. Long Content Long and involved content wastes your time for two reasons. First, it takes you a long time to read or watch it.

How to Leverage Trends and Controversy to Build Your Audience

When you can tie current events, trends, and even controversy into your content, it can help you build a stronger, more engaged and active audience. But, it can also turn people off and even kill your entire business if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to leverage trends and controversy to build your audience. Don’t Go Off Topic The main thing to remember regarding trends and controversy is that

Audience Building Mistakes You May Be Making

When you’re building an audience, you may accidentally be making mistakes that are either slowing audience building, or that are building the wrong type of audience. After all, you want a targeted audience more than you want a huge audience. Of course, a huge, targeted audience is something to work toward, but huge should not be your focus. Targeted should be. Here are some common mistakes to avoid, to ensure

Importance of a Unique Selling Proposition

You may have heard this term before as a “unique selling proposition,” but it’s the same thing as a unique selling point or USP. Essentially a USP differentiates you from your competition and separates you from others who do the same thing you do. In addition, it puts your company in the position of being the choice for anyone needing what you offer. In other words, a good USP will

How to Leverage Segmentation in Your Email Marketing

Email marketing segmentation means that you divide your audience up into different segments or groups (some people think of them as different lists) that will get different messaging based on which segment they’re in. The reason this works is that it’s easier to compose a targeted message than one to all members of any one audience. Better Personalization When you segment your list, you will be able to focus better

12 Traffic Generating Tools of Today

Generating traffic is an important part of being online. You want as many targeted visitors you can get to your website so that they convert into buyers and customers. Traffic is your goal and your friend. Luckily, today there are a lot of ways to generate traffic that get great results. Let’s look at the top 12 traffic generating tools of today. 1. Social Media Contest Software There are many

Top Three Strategies for Building Your Audience Quickly

Building your list is one of the most important aspects of building your business. In fact, almost everything you do online should be involved with getting more of your audience to sign up for your email list. Therefore, if you want to build your audience quickly, you need to think about building your email list. There are three strategies for building your audience quickly that you can use right now.


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