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How to Start a Profitable YouTube Channel

You’ve probably realized by now that some people are making a killing making YouTube videos in many different niches. If you’ve ever wanted to start a business online and have toyed with the idea of starting a YouTube channel, know that is truly possible to make a lot of money with YouTube in almost any niche – even some that don’t allow monetization via AdSense. To get started right, follow

How to Bring Your Blog Up to Date

Many blogs including this one, are full of distractions like sidebars, advertisements, and too much information. This distracts the audience from engaging in the way that is the most effective for you to build your list, grow your brand, and make more money. Use a Modern Theme If you use self-hosted WordPress for your blog, you can easily update your theme to be one of the more modern minimalist themes.

Ways to Market Your New Business on a Budget

Most businesses are on a budget when they start up. It’s important to know how to market using a budget but it’s also important to ensure that you set a budget that is realistic for what you want to achieve. After all, marketing is an investment in your business and not one that should be cut when you need more sales. In fact, once you perfect marketing, you should increase

Ways to Drive User Engagement on Social Media

When you are on social media, you want to get lots of engagement. Having said that, driving engagement can sometimes be a tedious task. But if you understand what you want, you can ensure that it happens by planning for it, using the right systems to ensure it happens, and then learning from it so you can do it more. Know and Reward Your Top Contributors Most social networks allow

The Ways Social Media Marketing Works

So many people think that social media marketing is nothing more than a flash in the pan and not important for business owners. But the truth is, whether you’re a startup or an established business, social media marketing works in so many ways to spread awareness, build community, and advance a company’s vision. Let’s look at all the ways in which social media marketing really works for businesses. Builds Brand

Social Media Marketing – Are You Doing It Wrong?

Social media marketing is an effective form of marketing, as long as you have a plan that you not only implement but also test to find out what is working so you can do more of what works. If you don’t know who your audience is, where they are, and how to attract them, you may be missing out on something that can spread awareness, get more traffic, and make

Social Media Strategy Essentials

When you are setting up your social media marketing strategy, there are some essential elements that you need to consider. Let’s look at them and figure out how you can get started. Know Your Audience I know that I keep harping on about this, with it seems at times almost every article stating that you must know your audience… bit nothing can ever be done effectively when it comes to

Marketing Strategies for Your Startup

When you have a new business, it’s hard to find the money for marketing. I know, I’ve been there and done that so I’m speaking from experience. The trust is that without marketing or more specifically sales you’re not going to have a business. Remember that marketing is an investment more than it is an expense, and it should not be something you don’t fund. Having said that, you can

Ten Ways a JV Partnership Can Grow Your Business

Forming JV partnerships is a great way to make up for gaining resources you don’t have on your own. By joining with one or more people who have things you don’t have and offering them things they don’t have, you can grow your business bigger, better, faster. Via Affiliate Sales You can JV with others to share affiliate sales. So, for example, using software like or an extension to

How to Create Engagement in Your Groups

When you start a group, you want it to be highly engaging. The more engagement that takes place, the more likely the members are to answer your calls to action, and the more likely they are to engage. Engagement breeds more engagement. Conduct a Survey Surveys that invite discussion as well as ask for answers are wonderful ways to boost discussions in a group. You can post a survey, write


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