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The Role Content Plays in Affiliate Marketing Success

Content is an essential part of affiliate marketing success, you will never really make any real money as an affiliate unless you provide content associated with the products or services you are trying to market and sell. Content provides context for your affiliate links. If you’ve ever seen a further reading section on an article or blog post, chances are the person is trying to earn an affiliate income by

4 Types of Content That Are Worth Sharing

Many digital marketers make the mistake of thinking that all content is equal. They churn out blog post after blog post and then wonder why their traffic is actually going down instead of up. This is because they are probably boring their readers especially as most people seem unable to add any real personality into their writings. It might also be because they are not producing the kind of content

How Price Pain Affects Buyer Decisions

In marketing, we have two “pains”: pain points and price pain. Pain Points One of the reasons online marketing is so successful is that smart marketers know their niche; that is, their target customers. In particular, they know their pain points , these are the things that cause them the most problems. Knowing their pain points allows you to offer them real solutions to their issues through the products and

How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Advertising Campaign

Deciding which social media platform to spend your advertising dollars with is easy, it’s the one where all of your potential customers hang out. Chances are it’s Facebook as everyone it seems uses Facebook, with over 1.8 billion users per month. This means that one person in every five that spends time using a smartphone is spending time on Facebook. Facebook has also recently acquired the popular photo-sharing site Instagram.

How to Attract Joint Venture Partners

There are a number of different ways to attract joint venture partners, however before you do. The first thing your need to understand is exactly what a joint venture partner is. Joint Venture Partners Defined A joint venture partner, or JVP, is somebody in your niche or industry, or a similar one, who is willing to work with you in a mutually beneficial relationship and split the profits equally or

Key Analytics Affiliate Marketers Should Know

There are a number of key analytics that affiliate marketers should know when they are deciding which products and services to promote. ClickBank At ClickBank, there are several key analytics to watch out for before promoting a product. Start by searching the marketplace using a keyword, like “wellness”. The listing that appears will look something like this. Thyroid Wellness Diet $24.92 Stats: Initial $/sale: $24.92 Avg %/sale: 75.0% Grav: 0.93

Tips for Securing Your WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the easiest ways to create an attractive, professional looking website in a matter of hours, even if you have no previous website building experience. It is packed full of free features such as templates, plugins (mini-programs), and widgets, which are building blocks that can create an exciting website for your visitors. unfortunately this has resulted in cyber-criminals to target WordPress websites in order to steal them

The Seven Most Common Email Marketing Questions Answered

As someone that has been involved with email marketing for over twenty years, there are a number of common questions that I am often asked. Here are seven of the most common: 1. Why Do I Need an Email Marketing List? Email marketing is one of the best ways to build relationships with your target audience and control the flow of information in such a way as to earn income

How to Create Your Own Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar helps anyone that regularly creates content for business, promotional, sales or content marketing purposes, there are a number of ways you can create your own editorial calendar for your own business.. It will depend however on whether or not you are running a website or a blog and for those that don’t know your blog should be part of your website. If you are running a website,


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