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Four Types of Membership Sites or Business Models to Consider

There are a number of different types of membership sites and business models to choose from. Some will suit your niche or business better than others. A Regular Membership Site This is the traditional site in which a member is given exclusive content within a private members’ area that they can access once they have paid their fee. It will offer a range of content and be useful for almost

How to Plan Content for a New Product Launch

When you are planning a new product launch, there are some key pieces of content you will need in order to help generate sales quickly and easily. The Sales Letter Even now the sales letter is the most important part of marketing any new product you launch. In the sales letter, you will need: A good headline An interesting subheadline that supports the headline An attention-grabbing opening paragraph Bullet points

The First Steps to Setting Up a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Program

If you have an effective product that meets the needs of your audience, you might want to consider setting up your own affiliate marketing program. It’s an awful lot easier than you might think, the first steps will be to know what is essential in order to manage a program successfully. The Essentials There are certain key elements to any program that must be considered before you decide how to

How Often Should You Review Your Content Plan and Analytics?

There are a number of different schools of thought regarding how often a business owner with a website or blog should review their content plan and their analytics. The truth is, you need to do it every time you publish something new. The biggest mistakes new small business owners make are: They don’t have a content plan They don’t track and test their results A Content Plan All marketing on

Five Ways Your Website Design Impacts Your Business Sales

Companies invest thousands of dollars when they want to design their website. Many others spend a small fortune on a redesign in the hope that making it more attractive can increase sales. Many businesses invest thousands and sometime this runs into the millions when they want to design their website and many other spend a small fortune on a website redesign in the hope and it is often just that,

Five Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

There are lots of different ways to promote affiliate products, some of these are more creative than others.  Affiliate marketing has been around since before the Internet started, so there are lots of tried and tested models that you can use and draw inspiration from. The actual methods that work best, depend really on the nature of the products and your relationship with your audience. What Are You Selling? If

Nine Steps to Promoting a New Product

Promoting a new product, special offer or promotion should be treated with the utmost importance in your company. Develop a launch mentality, and put your best foot forward with each new marketing initiative. Planning When you’re first thinking about any new marketing initiative such as a new product, first consider how you are going to promote it. Who will be interested in it, and why? How do you know? When

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Sales Funnel

If your sales funnel isn’t effective, you won’t be able to generate enough leads and sales to stay in business long term. Similarly if your sales funnel isn’t working at its ultimate best you are in effect leaving money on the table. Let’s have a look at How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Sales Funnel with these few tips, but before we do that, let’s look briefly at email marketing

The Role of a Bonus Offer in Product Promotions

A bonus offer may not take a lot of time or effort to create, but it can have a huge impact on product promotion. This is because there are a lot of products to choose from out there, so your package of bonuses can be the deal sweetener that will help close the sale. Planning Your Main Product Whenever you are constructing a product promotion, you need to think first


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