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What Is SSL Encryption and Why Is It Important?

The Internet is not a safe place and one thing everyone knows is that you’ve got to be careful when it comes to protecting your private information. There are many people out there who want to obtain your information and use it for their own personal gains. This means you have to be extremely careful as you seek to avoid this. If you’re trying to play it safe while surfing

Should Businesses Upgrade Software Regularly

One of the most common questions faced by many small business owners is whether they should upgrade software regularly. The answer isn’t as simple as it used to be or you may think, when it comes to certain types of software you should upgrade as soon as possible, and other software can wait. Knowing which can wait and which can’t is extremely important. Websites and Online Software Many cloud-based software

Writing Great Product Titles and Descriptions For Your eCommerce Store

Running an eCommerce store is all about attracting your target audience, engaging them and making the sale. Every eCommerce business owner understands the importance of product photographs yet many neglect what I consider to be even more important, and that is product titles and descriptions. Without the right product description your target audience isn’t even going to find your eCommerce store, at least not easily much less your actual products.

Social Media Content Strategy Writing Guide

When businesses write copy for the numerous different media platforms, it’s important to take into consideration the mood of the social media network as well as your target audience. The standards for website copy, email copy, and social media copy are all different and there are things you should take into consideration before you write the copy. Not only that, you don’t simply want to put the same copy up

So You Want A Successful Website

As a business owner in today’s global economy, be you a small business or a small one you need to have a website. Gone are the days where you could just get by, on word of mouth referrals, or on the hopes that someone might find you in the telephone book. Today it’s all about websites and search engines and even if you do still get referrals almost every one

What You Should Do When Your Work Has Been Plagiarized

If you publish anything online, sooner or later somebody is going to plagiarize your content, steal your images and maybe even copy your entire website. The internet is a large place, filled with lots of people that have bad intentions of looking to profit from other people’s talents. No matter how much time you spend working on a website, a photograph, a work of art or a piece of writing,

Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

Face it, the reason you want to be a rock star blogger is to grow your business and make money with your blog, right? Of course, you do. In order to make money from your blog you will need to find ways to monetize your blog. If you do not offer anything for sale on your blog the money fairies will not automatically you give you money just because you’re

Tips for Using 5 Social Media Sites for Business

While face to face networking is still the best way to build relationships, social media has made it possible for even the worst recluse to be social. Even if you can’t get to any networking events at all, you can make use of different social networking sites to build lasting relationships. Here are five of the top social networking sites and some tips for using them to build your business

Use Blog Posts to Inform Customers of Your Products & Services

Sometimes bloggers claim they have nothing to blog about, but the truth is you have a lot to write about. If you are promoting a product of your own, or someone else’s, or offering any type of service you have dozens apron dozens of blog posts you could be writing right now. You should be using your blog to inform your customers about your products and services whether they are

Effective Copywriting, Ten Do’s and Don’ts

There are an awful lot of things to know about effective copywriting, indeed you can buy books just on this subject. The following are however ten do’s and don’t to help anyone craft better and more engaging copy. If you print this list out and have it next to you as you write any copy, you’ll improve your copy exponentially. Do this for Effective Copywriting Know Your Audience Are you


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