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Is Your Marketing Vanilla?

If your marketing campaign just isn’t working, or you’re just getting started, take a long look at what you’re trying to do. Is it exciting? Is it eye catching? Is it unique? If not, you’re campaign is likely too bland to get anywhere. It used to be that simply advertising your business could get you more than enough customers, but this is normally no longer the case. Look around you.

Making the Most of Our Marketing Tools

Every successful Internet marketer has a tool chest. It’s not filled with hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers, though. It contains items that will help analyze the competition, build search engine rankings and traffic, and aid in establishing a brand. There are lots of great tools out there for Internet marketers. Some are free, while others come at a price. Each has its own unique benefits. Yet the results we get from

Marketing Tactics for Virtual Workers

Marketing is something many virtual workers struggle with. They know that they can do the job at hand but often face difficulty in passing on the message that they are available, ready and willing to do the task. If you’re a virtual assistant, writer, web designer or other virtual worker, these marketing tactics will help you find and keep clients. #1 – Work on what you have. If you currently

Is Your Marketing Making You Money?

Some businesspeople love marketing. They enjoy analyzing their target markets, finding ways to create publicity for their endeavors, and designing and placing advertisements. Others hate it and wish there were no need for it. But love it or hate it, it’s important to remember the ultimate purpose of marketing: to make money. A business wouldn’t be a business if it were not out to make money. Yet when it comes

Is Marketing Making You Crazy?

Whether or not they went to business school, every business owner should know how important marketing is. No business can succeed without it. They might not purchase advertising, but some form of marketing is essential if a business is to make it. Without it, no one would know what you do or that you even exist. Simply putting up a sign in front of your business (or setting up a

Market Samurai: What Is All the Hype?

If there’s one thing that’s absolutely essential for success in Internet Marketing, it’s research. We must do research to find good web designers and copywriters. We must do research to find the best tools to accomplish our marketing goals. And we must research niche markets and determine which keywords to use to succeed in them. One of the tools that has proven very useful to Internet marketers is Market Samurai.

Five Ways to Conduct Market Research

If you’re looking into producing a product or service, your first step is usually to conduct market research. No matter how good your product is, it’s not going to sell if it doesn’t meet a need or serve a purpose that is useful to your customers. While you can hire someone to do the research for you, most people can’t afford the thousands of dollars it will cost. Here are

Make Your Website a 24-Hour Sales Engine

Unlike the traditional business model, an online business gives you 24-hour presence which anyone from around the world can access. This is an exciting and fantastic opportunity for business owners who know how to make the most of this powerful sales engine. Here are a few tips to help you create a website that really sells: #1 – Keep it simple. A great website doesn’t have to include tons of

Ways to Avoid Loneliness while Working from Home

While working from home is a great way to spend more time with your family while still making a living, you tend to lose out on time with your friends and co-workers. Even if you have a business that lets you interact with other people, it’s often through the internet and that isn’t really what you need to stay happy and healthy. Here are some ways to help avoid loneliness:

Local Marketing 101

Local marketing is important for any small business. Even if your business is mainly web based you may find that local marketing is still beneficial. Here are some tips to help you build your local marketing campaign: Build your reputation. Nothing ensures local marketing success more than positive word of mouth. Build a positive business reputation by going a little beyond what is expected and providing excellent customer service. Many


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