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Relationships: The Biggest Traffic Builder

You’ve heard people say that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that gets your foot in the door. Well, that’s also true for marketing. One of the most effective forms of marketing is relationship marketing. This type of marketing involves branding and positioning by building relationships with your audience to the point that they cannot see any other person to buy the product or service from. Hopefully!

Marketing to Your Target Audience’s Feelings

Targeting an audience based on their feelings is nothing new. Marketing has long been a cross between business and psychology. To be a good marketer it’s important to understand about human psychology and understand the place feelings play in a person making a choice to buy. While sometimes logic plays into a customer’s choice to buy, many times it’s feelings that feel like logic. Understanding the emotional triggers that can

Location-Based Marketing – Tips and Tools

Location-based marketing means that the marketing is focused on the location of the business. Typically, a business that is engaging in location-based marketing uses some tools of the trade such as a mobile friendly website, and focuses on where potential clients are located to draw them to the business. With the advent of smartphones, location-based marketing has taken off as one of the main methods used by local businesses to

Leveraging Your Social Media Audience to Create More Buzz

Social media is a great way to promote your business and create more buzz. It doesn’t matter if you have a bricks and mortar business, or a completely online business. It also doesn’t matter if you sell products or services. Using social media to create more buzz is something all business owners need to do. It’s one of the best ways, that’s really practically free, to get the word out

Keeping Customers Happy – Marketing 101

One of the most important things that any business owner needs to do is to keep their customers happy. If your customers aren’t happy, not only will they not purchase from you again, the word will spread that they’re unhappy, causing you to miss out on even more business. Thankfully, keeping customers happy isn’t really that difficult. Listen and Listen Some More You’ve been told before that you were given

Joining and Participating in the Chamber of Commerce 

Joining and Participating in the Chamber of Commerce Every city has a local chamber of commerce. The chamber of commerce is an associate which is in place to promote local business in the community. As a small business owner you are part of the local businesses that need to be represented by your local chamber. It doesn’t matter if you have a home business, a bricks and mortar business, or

How to Turn PLR Articles into Social Networking Gold

Private label rights articles (PLR) is a great way to save time and get your business off to a great start or moved up to the next level. You can use it to increase social media engagement, build your email list, and engage with your audience more than ever before. With PLR most of the work is done for you, but you do have to do a bit to make

How to Personalize Private Label Content

When you purchase private label articles (PLR) it’s important that you know how to make them your own. Most PLR is written in a very general format without much thought to the specific audience that the articles are meant for. That’s where you come in. You need to make the PLR your own so that you can get the most out of it. Change the Titles Start with changing the

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Believe it or not, if you’re having trouble finding the success that you desire it probably comes from self-sabotage. There are many reasons why people sabotage themselves and prevent themselves from experiencing success – but instead of focusing on those reasons, how about focusing on getting out of your own way so that you can be successful? For the next month, take the time to do something different than you


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