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Use Social Media as a Lead Generation Tool

Let’s Learn to Use Social Media as a Lead Generation Tool Everyone it seems lives on social media and as a business owner it’s essential to learn how use social media as a lead generation tool. At your fingertips you literally have access to thousands of people, it’s like a networking even on steroids. The secret, however is how you use social media the right way to attract the right

Engaging in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Checklist

Everyone in business will at times be required to enter into the file sharing arena at times, you may need to share documents and files regularly or just occasionally with other business owners and individuals. It’s extremely important to understand the risks involved, and how to avoid them, before you engage in peer-to-peer sharing. This checklist should help you safely share files and information via the internet with few problems.

Attract New Clients through Community Involvement

As a business owner you understand how important it is to attract new clients to your business, one of the most rewarding and effective ways to do this is via community involvement. Community involvement can happen both on and offline, you can do both for the most impact, but if there is some reason you can only participate online that is fine too, the secret as with most things is

Advanced Marketing Tactics

Years ago when you were in business and thought of marketing you thought of advertising in the Yellow Pages or elsewhere, attracting consumers and making sales easily, are long gone. Today, marketing is all about, as Seth Godin says, “attraction and connections.” But, what tactics actually create the attraction and connections that get the results you want, more sales? Responsive Websites This is almost a no-brainer nowadays, but just in

Marketing Tips for New Business Owners

As a business owner you should understand that all marketing should be done, with the sole aim of building brand awareness, whilst earning attention and engaging your target audience for the future. In this way,  when the time comes and you actually advertise or try to sell something to your target audience, they already feel as if they know, like, understand and trust you. Create a Marketing Plan Every business

How to Write Controversial Blog Posts

I’ve been working in one business or another for over thirty years now and I believe that the older you get the more opinionated you become, however when wanting to create a controversial blog post there are right and wrong ways to do it. When writing a controversial blog post it’s important to keep your focus, base your opinion on facts and not fiction, edit for clarity and pay particular

The Pros and Cons of Sharing Your Opinion with Your Target Audience

Everyone has their own opinion, and as a business owner sharing your opinion with others can be an extremely effective means of communication. You can engage your target audience in a whole new exciting way, creating a sense of trust and community along the way. However, it’s not all a bed of roses, there are some pros and cons to sharing your opinion with your target audience. You might for

How Your Opinion Affects How Your Products and Services Are Perceived

Everyone in business creates products or services, do you do it by yourself without any input from others such as your colleagues, sub-contractors, employees, and current customers. It’s fun to be in creation mode, you’re making what you think will be products or services that will revolutionise your business and potentially your industry, and brings a lot of value to your clients. However, perhaps you are so far into your

Simple Ways to Back Up Your Opinion

Including anything that is controversial on your blog can dramatically boost your website visitors’ numbers into the stratosphere, especially when you consider how social media helps the spread of such topics, but sometimes this controversy can boost your visitors’ numbers but not always in a good way, for example if you bring in a lot of people that strongly disagree with your opinion, you could start something you’d wish you


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