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What Should Be on Your ECommerce Website

When you build an eCommerce website, there are some things that you need to ensure are on it. If you want to make sales from your eCommerce site, it’s imperative that you build a website that attracts your target audience, loads quickly, and presents your products in a way that makes your audience feel as if they really need them, with your website giving trust and assurance to your prospects.

Get on the Telephone and Call Them via Voice Call

Building meaningful relationships offline with people you’ve met online requires that you take some decisive action. Let’s put it this way, get on the phone and call people that you want to build a relationship with offline. It’s easy and fun to do, once you get started.4 Collect Phone Numbers When you convert someone, ask for their phone number. Not everyone will provide it but for those who do, take

Are Groups Important for Business Growth ?

If you really want to learn more about your audience, find more people to promote your products, and get new ideas for more offers, groups are one of your best investments outside of email marketing. Nurturing groups is inexpensive and can really help you accomplish a lot. Look at these important ways that groups help your business grow and you’ll know it’s the right thing to add to your marketing

Ten Off-Page SEO Tips You Need to Know

Off-page SEO refers to search engine optimization practices that occur off your website. For example, it may occur on social media, in email marketing, sharing content, using influencers, and more. Since off-page SEO is so important, knowing the best way to use it is an important way to increase search results. Craft Interesting and Sharable Content When the content you place on your website is interesting and beautiful, people want

Ten Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Almost everyone it seems has a smart phone, just look around when using public transport, eating in a restaurant or even walking around town and it is pretty easy to verify this. As smart phones have grown more and more popular, so has the growth of social media. Using this simple logic it is therefore essential that your business is using social media to market itself. Social media includes platforms

Which Social Media Platforms Should You Be Using?

Which social media platforms should you be using? is a question I am often asked by business owners, I understand that they wish an answer similar to use this platform and your social media marketing efforts will be successful. But, the answers isn’t as easy as that, nothing ever is… so let’s look at how you can figure out which social media platforms you should be using for your social media

Eight Reason to Hire a Social Media Marketing Manager

If your expertise is not social media management, at some point you may want to consider hiring a social media marketing manager. This person will manage all aspects of your social media marketing and will ensure that your social media strategy is created and carried out consistently. It’s a Good Use of Resources When something isn’t in your money-making wheelhouse, meaning it’s not your expertise, hiring someone who is an

How to Get Personal with SMS and MMS Marketing

When you do mobile marketing, you are getting super-personal with your audience. After all, most people carry around their phones these days, even the toilet. How much more personal can you be? But, because of this you must be very careful not to appear robotic and impersonal. Let’s go over some ways to get personal with SMS and MMS marketing. Use Their Name When you collect the information, get their


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