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Split Testing: Focusing on Metrics because Numbers Matter

You’ve heard the saying, “Nothing is done until the paperwork is done.” Right? When it comes to marketing, nothing is done without the numbers. Data matters more than your feelings or desires when it comes to split testing. You can have a good feeling that one method will work better than the other but until you back it up with the metrics, it doesn’t matter. And, make no mistake, once

Ways to Use Transcripts in Your Small Business

When you have any type of audio, whether it’s a video or a podcast, you can use transcripts to add a lot of worth to any product. Your customers will be happy you did too. They’ll feel as if they’re getting so much more value that they’ll not only be more satisfied, they will also likely agree to pay even more for the product to start with. Create a Case

What You Should Split Test and Why

There are a lot of things that should be split tested, but to do proper split testing you need to know why, not just what. Below, we’ll go over a few ideas and possible reasons why you should do these experiments. However, do realize that you need to know what and why you’re doing anything based on your own audience and your own niche. Opt-In Forms There are many things

Increase Your ROI by Focusing on the User Experience

There are many areas where you can make improvements, utilizing “user experience” as your guide. From creating your website to creating the products you promote to your users, their experience should be paramount. After all, everything you do is for your ideal customer, not for everyone else. Therefore, everything about user experience needs to be studied and tested from your ideal customer’s perspective. Website How often have you heard that

Outsourcing – Raising the Stakes and the Pay

Outsourcing is a great way to fill in the gaps in your company and get things done. But it can be hard to figure out how much to pay people that you outsource to. Outsourcing is very important for small companies; it helps them compete with larger companies and it offers freelancers a way to build their own business too. But, if you’re hiring outsourcers, how do you know when

The Positive Impact Transcripts Have on SEO

One of the main reasons to add transcripts to your audio content is the positive impact that it has on search engine optimization. SEO is the act of enhancing your website, social media pages, and more in the right way to get the attention of search engines so that they send traffic to your online real estate. Search Engine Indexing The way search engines work is that when they crawl

Clear Indications You Need to Start Outsourcing

If you’ve been thinking of outsourcing, you should absolutely do it. But if you’ve been afraid to do it, the problem may be that you don’t know whether you’re ready for outsourcing or not. There are some clear indications you need to start outsourcing that you should think about. But remember, you do not have to wait for these things to happen. You can start outsourcing right away, or you

Split Testing Tips and Best Practices

Spit testing is often called A/B testing and it’s when you test two slightly different versions of something, one against the other. For example, you may test one buy button against another buy button, leaving everything else on the sales page the same. There are some best practices for split testing that you should be aware of as you embark on this business changing practice. Know Your Goal Be very

Benefits of Offering Transcripts to Your Audience

Why should you offer transcripts to your audience? The fact is, there are many benefits to doing so. Let’s look at some of them. They’ll Be More Likely to Find Your Content Transcripts help search engines find your content due to search engine optimization. The way search engines work is to scan the content on your site, and it cannot see a video. However, it can see the tags, the

Top Five Reasons Why People Are Reluctant to Buy

There are reasons that your audience can be reluctant to buy. They often lack trust, have trouble coming to a decision, procrastinate, worry about money, and so on. Or maybe they didn’t think to buy because you didn’t tell them to. Thankfully, there are ways you can overcome these issues right in your sales page, in your marketing messages, and anywhere you engage with your ideal customers. Lack of Trust


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