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Tools to Measure Audience Engagement

To measure audience engagement, you need to track likes, shares, growth rate, comments, and activity. That may seem like a lot of tracking to do, but thankfully there are plenty of tools out there to help you measure your audience engagement and ensure that what you’re doing is getting results. Platform Analytics Each social media platform has their own analytics features that you can use. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and

Data Segmentation Best Practices

Every day you collect data from your leads, prospects, and customers. Every program you use online collects data for you as well – whether it’s a social media platform, Google Analytics on your website, and even within your WordPress dashboard. You can look at comments too to check engagement that way. But, all the data you’re collecting can be overwhelming, making it daunting to figure out what matters most and

How to Create an Appropriate Mix of Long and Short Form Content in Your Content Plan

When you develop your content marketing plan, it’s important to add in both long-form and short-form content to your content plan. After all, you want a good mix of content that educates, informs, engages, and inspires action. The only way to do that is to ensure that you have a great mix of different lengths of content so that you give your audience enough information to make good choices based

How to Make Audience Engagement Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Audience engagement should be part of any effective marketing strategy. It’s the best way to keep your brand at the top of your audience’s mind. Engagement includes page views, email opens, social media interactions and such like, if you want to make audience engagement part of your marketing strategy, consider this. Get to Know Your Audience Know where your audience hangs out, understand what your audience is looking for, and

How to Earn Passive Income with a Membership Site

A great way to earn passive income is with a membership site. A membership site is a website that charges a fee to the members for exclusive information and content. There are many ways to take advantage of this type of continuity program to increase your income and make more of it passive. Select Your Technology Today there is a lot of different technology that you can choose to run

What Is a Dirty Lead Database?

Dirty data can give you incorrect information about your audience which will affect your messaging, cause you to leak revenue, and essentially mess up all your numbers because you’re chasing dead-end leads who will never convert. To take the right steps in your marketing and ensure that your statistics are correct, it’s important to keep your data clean. Here are examples of dirty data and how it can affect your

Audience Engagement Best Practices

As marketers we all want more audience engagement, but as you work for more engagement, there are a few things that have been shown to work well, to build a community and encourage audience engagement. Engagement will not happen without your input and contribution, so be prepared to work for that engagement. Understand your Audience To have the right type of engagement with your audience, you need to pay attention

How to Find Great Content for Your Social Media Posts

To successfully engage your audience on social media, you need a constant stream of great content. This is content that’s useful, valuable, and fun for your audience. One challenge businesses face is how to keep that stream flowing. Creating vs. Curating Content Businesses don’t create all their own original content on social media. In addition to creating content, they also curate content. This means finding articles, videos, and other types

Audience Building Tips

The fact of the matter is that no matter how far you are into your business, you need to always be building your audience. While many of your audience may stick around, some will move on, so continuing to build your audience will ensure positive growth for years to come. Know Your Audience Create an avatar for your ideal customer so that you know that the content and information you

How Personal Is Too Personal for Social Media?

Everyone says that you should show your personal side, even if you’re using social media for your business. Personalizing your content and interactions puts a human face on your business. This is how you build real, authentic relationships. But there are cases where you can be too personal, and you need to steer clear of these or the results could be disastrous. No “Big Talk” The type of personal content


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