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15 Digital Product Ideas to Boost Sales

Digital products are the easiest ways to create your own products online in order to boost sales. There are a number of popular digital products you can sell online directly from your site, or from a third party such as Amazon. Here are 15 suggestions for digital products to sell. 1. EBooks EBooks are easy to create and sell. You can sell directly from your WordPress blog using a plugin

Keeping WordPress Updated and Secure

WordPress is the largest CMS utilized on the Internet, with the last report I read stating that they control 29% of all websites. However what many businesses fail to realize is that WordPress is constantly evolving and as such, the best way to keep your website safe and secure is to keep your website updated. Given the importance of the Internet it is actually much more important that you may

Tips for Using Instagram Live Videos for Your Business

Instagram is such a popular platform for image/photo sharing that many marketers forget it is also a video-sharing platform. Instagram also recently added a live videos feature, which can help businesses connect with their target audience like never before. Instagram live video is a valuable channel for driving new followers and engagement. Your starting point will be setting your business goals for each video you create. 1. Set Your Goals

Thinking of Creating a Digital Product? Ten Steps to Get Started

Many online marketers start out as affiliates, earning commission for top sites like Amazon and great products like Apple. However, commission rates can vary considerably and many hard-working affiliates start to dream about creating their own digital product online so they can keep 100% of the profits themselves. So, what is the best way to get started with creating your first digital product? Just follow these steps. Brainstorm Think of

Signs That Your Opt-In Is Attracting the Wrong Audience

Email marketing is one of the most important marketing tools for successful modern businesses, but it has become a great deal more competitive in recent years, with savvy readers becoming more discerning about what they put down their email address for. No one likes spam, after all. In an effort to lure more people onto your list, you might actually be sabotaging your own business. Many marketers make the mistake

Does Instagram Work Better for Some Businesses Than Others?

Instagram can work for all businesses, but it can work better for some businesses than others. This is because it is a highly visual social marketing platform similar to Pinterest. So while it is true you can post a range of pictures to your Instagram account even if you are a service provider in order to help convey your brand and value proposition, eCommerce retailers who show off their product

Top Questions to Ask Yourself before Installing a Plugin

WordPress offers so many ways to make a website look and perform in amazing ways. One of the items that make WordPress so useful is a plugin. A plugin is an additional software or code that adds functionality to the website. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer, you probably have certain products you mention often. What if they could automatically become affiliate links without having to add them

The Top Four Areas to Focus On When Crafting an Email

When crafting a powerful email that will work well, there are four key areas to pay attention to: Subject line length Personalization Message type Call to action Let’s look at each in turn. 1. Subject Line Length No matter how brilliant your email is, no one will ever read it unless you have a great subject line that grabs attention. Think of it as the headline in a newspaper or

How Blogging Can Help Your Business

Every business should have a blog, in fact start to think of a blog as standing for Business Leads Organically Generated. Blogging can help your business in numerous ways, every business needs to showcase their products. Every service providers needs to demonstrate that their services solve a problem and are worth paying for. A website will market your products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365

Five Websites for Learning about WordPress

If you’re going to use WordPress, it’s important to keep up to date about the software. By staying aware and continuing to learn everything you can about WordPress, you’ll improve your website exponentially. Even if you ultimately choose to outsource anything, you’ll still have enough knowledge to talk to the contractor about your needs and know whether you’re getting a fair deal or not. In addition to Website Designs, here


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