I’m Steve Cartwright About Meand I’m fortunate in that I’ve been playing with computers for over thirty five years and on the Internet for twenty years now. I’ve built websites, website applications, cutting edge technology stuff and all manner of things… both professionally and for fun. I’m extremely fortunate to get paid for doing something I love and as a result I’m exceptionally good at what I do and what do I do. Well I help businesses achieve their goals online, be it sales, leads or an increase in visitors…. Whatever it is, once the client and I, identify measurable realistic goals I work out how to achieve them and then help my clients achieve this.

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of businesses and I currently run various other websites, WP Full Throttle is my recently launched website aimed at bring online success to any small business. I have packaged what I consider to be the best range or products and services together and given these to a business at a low monthly price. Just imagine that, having a real quality website, designed by a real expert… packaged with all manner of things and it’s yours for a low monthly fee. And because we work with you, we are constantly helping you to achieve success as your success online means our own success.

As to other websites I run, if you want to use a few SEO tools free of charge you could try Promote My Website, this is a free to use website … aimed like this website at giving back. I also run a local networking group, and the local chamber of commerce website… plus a whole host of others.

When I am not working, I love to get out on the Golf course, I’m not particularly good at golf but I really enjoy getting out for a few hours and having some time for myself. I love my Kindle and can often be found reading a business book on there, I actually use Audible on my iphone and have this synced with my kindle so I can listen to and read books as I wish, with everything synced… so if I listen to a few chapters while I am driving the next time I pick the Kindle up, it opens up at the correct page that I have just finished listening to and I begin to read. That is what I call smart technology and something I try to emulate as best I can. I’ll likely include a book section here with books that I recommend and that I have read.

Why have I built Website Designs, simply to share knowledge and to better myself and anyone that wants to read these jottings?  I’m an expert at this sort of stuff and I firmly believe in content marketing, I believe in giving real value to people as I know that this is the ultimate method for gaining work and opportunities back in return. It’s also fun and helps pass the hours I would otherwise waste watching television or such like.

Over the coming months I am planning to add much more content and I’m prepared to share everything I know and I daresay when I have finished here, that is pretty much what I will have done. There will be a new eBook section soon and I am contemplating adding in an area all about “designing websites to achieve more” … (more sales, more leads, etc.) as it saddens me to see so many businesses failing online, so my mission is simply to help turn this around by educating as many people as possible on the best ways to achieve results with design and marketing.

Sounds pretty simple when you put it like that doesn’t it. Just remember I have to sleep sometimes and I am trying to start my running program again although I have to lose a few kilos before I can get to where I was a couple of years back.

Enjoy your visit and should you have any suggestions please get in touch, I can’t promise to answer emails but I can if you contact me via twitter…