Is Your Content Complete?

Is Your Content Complete?

In an effort to complete work such as blog posts, special reports and more, it is easy to rush to the end, only to discover you’ve left out something important. How can you tell if your content is really complete? What follows are a few suggestions. 1. Keywords Ensure you use at least two or three keywords or keyphrases related to your niche whenever you create content. Include one keyword

Building Meaningful Relationships on LinkedIn

Building meaningful relationships on LinkedIn is critical to making the most of this free/inexpensive lead generation opportunity. Here are a few tried-and-tested suggestions that can help you widen your social circle and improve your chance to make sales. Make Connections, Not Sales LinkedIn works best as a relationship-building platform, not a place to be a pushy sales person. You know the sort, they send you a friend request and then

Editing Tools for Error Free Content

Content is king online, for both informational and promotional purposes. With so much competition online, you need to create better content than ever before. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can help. Microsoft Word This should be your starting point for all your content. Use the spell checker and grammar check to produce writing that is as close to error-free as possible. However, in terms of grammar, Word

Understanding the Product Development and Creation Process

If you want to make money online and ideally keep one hundred percent of the profits for yourself, its important to understand the product creation and development process. I’ve been doing this web stuff since it started and I had one client that wouldn’t listen to reason, he spent over fifty thousand dollars based on an idea he thought was a great one without doing any market research and without

Simple Strategies for Creating Stronger Content

There are a numerous ways to create stronger content without spending endless hours or being a writing genius… Create Fresh, Original and Interesting Content Your content will stand out if it is fresh, original and written in your own strong voice. Think of yourself as an expert with a great deal to offer your target audience, based on your years of experience in your niche or industry. Your content will

The Importance of Understanding and Tracking Your ROI

One of the most important concepts to understand and track in your business is your return on investment (ROI). Mastering this can make all the difference between success and failure. What Is ROI? ROI can be defined as the profits generated by a company’s activities, from sales and marketing to customer service. In particular, businesses tend to spend a good deal when it comes to marketing, so it is important

Errors to Watch For When Editing Your Content

There are a number of errors to watch out for when it comes to editing your content, content marketing is or should be the cornerstone of any online business. But with so much competition in most industries, it is essential to offer the best content possible content, which means proofreading it carefully. Here are some of the main areas to watch out for. Spelling Check spelling, and in particular the

How to Measure Your Marketing ROI

There are a number of ways to measure your Marketing Return on Investment commonly referred to as ROI, in relation to your content such as your articles, videos, social media posts, email marketing, etc. The way you will measure your ROI will depend on the goals you have set and the platforms you use. Goals In most cases, you will have one of these three goals: Generate more leads Make

Pre-Qualifying Your Audience

Are you a small business owner trying to make sales and becoming more and more frustrated. You know your products and services are awesome, far better than most of your competitors. But no matter what you try your audience members are not converting from browsers to customers or even subscribers. What is a small business owner wanting to make sales to do? Know Your Niche Research your existing audience as

Why Digital Products Boost Your Authority and Credibility

Digital products can boost your authority and credibility in a number of significant ways. Firstly, being a published author is always considered to be a status symbol and let’s face it, it’s impressive. Authority An author is generally well regarded as an expert in their niche or industry. Even something as simple as an ebook posted on Amazon Kindle can enhance your reputation considerably. In-Depth Knowledge of Your Niche Digital


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