Ten Email Marketing Best Practices

Ten Email Marketing Best Practices

Recently I’ve run across a few business people that think that social media marketing has over taken email marketing and that email marketing is a thing of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, all you have to do to verify this is to visit many of these so called social media experts and see that they still utilize email marketing as a primary marketing channel. Email

Things All Successful Product Promotions Must Include

Businesses all want to launch products and watch those sales climb, there are however several things all successful product promotions must include. Missing out on any one of these could mean you miss out on sales. A Great Image of Your Product A picture says a thousand words and seeing is believing. Therefore, you need at least one great looking image of the product you are trying to sell. A

Ways to Make Your Marketing Emails Stand Out

Some digital marketers claim that email marketing is dead and social media is the only way to go, this is simply not the case. Email marketing is alive and well. Statistics show that two out of every five minutes a person is on a smartphone is spent checking email. This being the case, it’s important to make the most of your email marketing list. You’ve worked hard to build it.

11 Ways Service Providers Can Boost Income and Sales

There are a number of ways that service providers can boost income and sales in a risk-free way without it costing you a small fortune. The best way is to position yourself as an expert in your niche. These 11 methods can help you achieve this. 1. Create an Authority Blog An authority blog has its finger on the pulse of everything going on related to your niche. 2. Write

Why an Online Event Is Such a Great Way to Boost Engagement

Online events are a great way to boost audience engagement, for a number of reasons. A live event usually creates a great deal of “buzz”, which can stimulate a great deal of audience attendance and engagement. I know I often check out live online events, simply because I’m free at the time… it’s this convenience I like. There are many ways to get engagement if you answer the question for

Five Advanced Tips to Improve Your Sales Funnel

A basic sales funnel can help you get your business off the ground, but an advanced funnel can really help you cash in on all your hard work provided that you construct it correctly. Here are several tips that can help you improve your sales funnel. Test Every Sales Funnel You Create to Make Sure It Is Easy to Use Streamline the process as much as possible, so there are

The Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Despite the rise of social media and our obsession with texting, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to connect with prospective customers and existing customers. The problem however, is that it’s a competitive marketing arena and in order to succeed you need to be savvy if you want your email to get opened rather than simply deleted. Here are a few of the most common email

How Crowdsourcing Content Can Boost Customer Engagement

Crowdsourcing content can boost audience engagement in a number of ways, this content can be on your blog or pushed on to your social media channels, it offers several advantages for the busy business owner trying to build their brand: Authority, trust Regularity and consistency Loyalty Relevancy Variety Getting engagement is a sign of customer loyalty. It is created through your authority as a niche site or brand that people

How to Write an Effective Email Call to Action

An effective email call to action (CTA) will depend on your actual goal for sending the email. Of course, not all emails are the same, there are different kinds of email in terms of both content and delivery method. In terms of content, they are: Informational or Educational Promotional Transactional – that is, getting your subscriber to take a poll or survey, for example In terms of delivery, they are:

How to Build an Effective Sales Funnel

You can build an effective sales funnel once you have a plan and content for that funnel. Plan out each step of the funnel as a sort of flow chart. Make sure you have content for each step. Planning the Steps of Your Funnel The most important part of funnel planning is to keep the number of steps to a minimum. For a lead generation funnel, it will look like


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