How to Incorporate the Holidays into Your Marketing Strategies

How to Incorporate the Holidays into Your Marketing Strategies

The holidays are an important time of year for most businesses. If you and your audience love the holidays, it’s important to bring them into your marketing strategy and acknowledge that they’re happening. Change Your Colors and Fonts You can change things about your customers’ experience just by changing up the colors and fonts on your home page to make it more like the holidays. It can also be fun

Email Marketing Tips during the Christmas Holiday Season

Email marketing during the holiday season requires some special measures to ensure that your message is heard through the noise everyone else is making during the holidays. Marketing has to always be happening, but you should ramp it up a little bit during the holidays due to everyone else doing the same. Plan Ahead You want to be noticed, so plan ahead so that you can figure out how your

What Is a Customer Success Journey Map?

The customer success journey map is a lot like the idea of the product funnel. You need to know exactly where your customer is going to know what to expect in the end. It might go something like this: Trigger Something causes the customer to engage or buy so that they end up on your email list and in your product funnel. Onboarding They are put into the funnel and

Referencing Your Business in Everyday Conversations

It can be awkward to talk about your business to others in social events and not sound like a walking billboard. But like with most things, practice makes perfect. The more you talk about your business, the more comfortable it will become. Define What You Do and Who You Do It For First things first; you need to know in your own mind what you do and who you do

Finding Your Ideal Customers Locally

Many people often forget that their customers are also local. We’re so used to doing everything online as business owners that it’s easy to forget that there are ways to find your ideal customer locally. Church or Other Place of Worship Of course, you should go to church because you want to go to church but it’s also likely that you can find good customers there. This works really well

Are Customers Always Right?

You’ve heard it many times before, “The customer is always right.” We often hear things like this and take it on face value and believe it’s true even when it’s simply not the case. No one is always right, not even me (especially me), all of the time. But, there is a some truth in it from a business person’s perspective, in order to keep customers happy and the buzz

How to Use Infographics in Your Affiliate Marketing

An infographic is a good way to demonstrate a lot of information in a way that is easy to digest for your audience. Data-centric posts, examples of success and stats work well in infographics. Infographics are a really good way to market products to your audience to demonstrate their value to them. Repurpose Content Change up your marketing with infographics. Take an old blog post or sales page, and convert

Meeting Your Business Goals during the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a fun and exciting time but also a trying time for a business owner. You’ll find that you are being pulled in more directions than normal. But, the good news is that this happens every single year, so as a business owner you can plan in advance for this issue and make the most of it. Adjust Your Calendar You’re simply not going to be able

How Unplugging Can Lead to More Success

No matter what type of work you do, taking time out from extraneous technology can make all the difference in your life. Even if you have a tech-type job, unplugging can lead to more success. Gives You More Uninterrupted Quality Time When you unplug from even something small like social media, or choose to only check your email three times a day, you’ll suddenly have more time that is not

Is It Time to Move Out of Your Home Office?

Starting an at-home business can be exciting. You think you can do it all right from your spare bedroom / home office – and you can, for a long time. But, some businesses get to a point where it’s impossible to keep it at home. Home has a lot of distractions and problems sometimes. This is especially true if you have any type of inventory you need to keep up


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