Tips for Creating Strong Passwords

Tips for Creating Strong Passwords

Passwords are a problem, not just for website users but also for website owners. You have to trust that your users will create strong passwords and not share them with others, and you have to ensure that the security you create is safe too. The best thing to do is teach everyone to create strong passwords from the start. Write Them Down – First, whenever you create a password you

Understanding Digital Product Shelf Life

If you’ve ever wondered why the disappearing paper books causes some people concern, it’s possible that you may not understand that digital information has a shelf life. It might seem as if digital information is going to be there forever. But, as you save images, books, reports and other information, you have to remember that technology is growing at an astounding rate that will make the technology you’re reading this

What Makes a Strong Password?

Passwords are a necessary evil today, with the advent of hackers and thieves who would want to use your information to steal money or even your identity. Identify theft is on the rise and is a constant problem that everyone has to work hard to combat. Here are some the features of a strong password. Uses Letters, Numbers and Symbols A combination of letters, numbers and symbols is an important

How Viral Survives

Viruses are known for being killed off, or dying of their own volition. They hit a saturation point after which they just feed on anything – even each other- until their demise. It’s a situation that is mirrored in viral marketing. So how can you make sure your message sticks when the medium dies off? First of all, you need to understand that your plan will not survive its encounter

Native Advertising Opportunities for Your Business

As you consider adding native advertising opportunities to your business or using native advertising to get more business, it’s important to look at the different ways that you can incorporate native ads – as well as use the content that you create for native ads. After all, the ability to repurpose content across all channels is important for most marketers, in order to stretch their budgets. For most small businesses,

When to Price High and When to Price Low

It’s important to take a lot of things into consideration as you price each product you create. In fact, even as you create your product plans you should know what you’re charging, so you know how much is okay to invest in the creation of the product. Here are some questions to think about to help you decide on how to price your product. Who Is Your Customer? The most

The Reasons You Need Strong Passwords and How to Create Them

Hackers cause a lot of problems online, and making it harder for you to remember your password is one result of them. The main reason you need strong passwords is due to hackers. They use software to figure out your password, and then they use the information they get to break into your account to steal your information and even your identity. It’s just not worth it. If you want

The Pros and Cons of Native Advertising

There are a lot of good things and bad things about native advertising that you should be aware of before you partake. These pros and cons should be taken into consideration as you choose whether you want to either run native ads on your site, blog, or newsletter, or pay for native ads on another site, blog, or newsletter. Pros of Native Advertising Awesome Customer Targeting – Most native ads

Start-Up Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Honestly, these tips work for both women and men. However, due to how our society perceives women versus men, it’s important for women to know when they’re falling into a stereotype of being quiet, asking permission, and otherwise seeking the approval of others to be successful. You don’t need to do that. Sixty-eight percent of new businesses are started by women. Women are successful business owners and have been for

Viral Copywriting that makes Content Stick

Is it possible to write copy that makes your content super sticky? Like Spiderman sticky? One of the most virally shared publishers online is the Huffington Post – even though they curate other people’s stories. However, that’s probably why they can amass such a collection of viral topics. But the topics didn’t go viral because the Huff shared them, they did so because when they were curated, the clever folks


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