The Proper Way to Use Redirects for SEO Purposes

The Proper Way to Use Redirects for SEO Purposes

Do you know what redirects are? Essentially they are a way of forwarding one URL to another URL. You have several main types of redirects including 301, 302 and Meta refresh. A 301, which indicates its a permanent type of redirect, is the one that’s most recommended for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. The 302 is a temporary redirect and has to do with refreshing and sending you back where

Tell a Story That’s Worth Repeating

The power of storytelling is all around us and has never been more popular or more important. Storytelling is part of all aspects of our lives, whether it’s a story we read on social media, a story our place of employment tells us, a story our religion tells us, or ever a story science tells us. The most successful stories worth repeating have a few things in common, if you

Which Social Media Platform Will Provide the Highest ROI?

You no doubt work hard to build credibility, awareness, authority and to make sales on your chosen social media platforms, however to succeed you need to identify the best social media investments for the highest “Return on Investment” (ROI) for your business. Unlike many ROI measurements with social media you need to realize that you cannot use profits to judge and measure ROI of social media. Why? Simply because people

Social Strategies That Work Long Term

Mention social media marketing to almost anyone and they automatically think that all it involves is posting a few updates on various social media platforms and perhaps blogging a few times per week. There is obviously a lot more to it, if there wasn’t we’re all have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and we’ve all be fulfilling our social media marketing goals. In order to develop implementable strategies

How to Create a Multi-Sensory Experience

People have five senses – seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Obviously online you cannot activate some of these senses in reality, but you can evoke the feelings if you play your cards right. Use Amazing Imagery When someone comes to your website, it should be functional and beautiful. The images that you choose to use on your site will go a long way to evoking emotions that you want

How to Be Interesting

Have you ever asked yourself if you are interesting? Is what you are saying interesting enough to others to spark a conversation? Do you find yourself at networking events struggling for words, feeling awkward and as if no one is listening to you? Have people just walked off and left you when you are talking? If any of these are the case, don’t worry you can find ways to appear

Outreach Funnel: Finding Influencers and Power Users

One of the perceived easiest ways to become more successful online is to reach out to influencers and power users and towards developing relationships with them. When you learn about marketing, you start to realize that your job is essentially to create the content that drives people to your basic marketing funnel so that it remains full of prospects from your target audience. The Basic Marketing Funnel At the widest

How to Run Powerful Advertising Campaigns without Breaking the Bank

We have all wasted money on advertising however modern technology does allow almost anyone to run a powerful advertising campaign without it breaking the bank. You can utilize many different networks to focus your advertising campaign whilst they are low cost but highly effective. Pick a Network You have a few different choices when selecting a low cost network, with which to spend your advertising budget. The most popular and

Creating Content That Gets Shared

No matter what content you are creating, be it content marketing, social media marketing, blogging or something else, it’s beneficial and pretty important to try and say things that not only engages your audiences but that they also find worthy of sharing. But how can you ever hope to know whether or not what you are saying is valuable enough that your audience want to share it? Know Your Audience

Optimizing Your Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is an essential tool for anyone serious about content marketing, it helps you ensure you content is relevant, being planned in advance, organized, created, scheduled and published in a way that makes sense based on what’s happening in your business. Think of it like a “content to do” list instead of an editorial calendar if it helps. I know, I am an army of one and I


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