Turning Conflict into Positive Change

Turning Conflict into Positive Change

We’re all different, we all have different opinions and we all have different agendas, this means that on occasion we find ourselves in conflicting situations. You have no doubt experienced this. However, one of the best lessons you will ever learn is that conflict is actually an opportunity. Of course you would rather not have the issue in the first place, but you do, so now you need to find

Top Visual Platforms to Promote Your Blog

The best way most often to promote your blog on visual platforms is through real time phone sharing as well as some planned and scheduled photo sharing. But as with anything you do to promote your business or content, the very first thing to do before spending a lot of time, is to find out if your audience is there. If they are, then of course you need to be

Selling Advertising for Your Podcast

People have been wanting to set up websites and sell advertising ever since I first started building websites over twenty years ago, I’m sure you can relate to this, it’s a nice dream for many but not impossible. If you run a podcast that has amazing content and great listeners, you’ll eventually have people come to you wanting to put their advertisements on your podcast. You want to be ready

Technology Should Be Looked At as an Opportunity

Are you one of those people that have a tendency to look at technology as a threat rather than as an opportunity. But, as a small business owner you should look at technology as a real opportunity, it’s not just for large businesses in fact given that most small businesses are much more adaptive than their larger counterparts. Every small business can use technology to improve profits, and productivity. Many

Podcasting Tools You Need to Succeed

Having a successful podcast is a great way to build your brand, boost your expert status and make more sales. You can go from a no-one to an amazing career with a good podcast. And, having a good podcast isn’t as hard as you might think. Here’s what you need to succeed. Ownership You need to own your podcast for it to be super successful, because you don’t want any

Streamlining Your Sales Funnels

With any sales funnel you have to always remember that your main overall goal is to convert prospects into customers and generate sales. Sales are the final goal of every sales funnel. When you understand this and its crystal clear what the real point of a sales funnel is, you can then start to understand what you can cut out of your sales funnels. There are so many things added

Get Ahead with SEO in 2016

As a business owner you no doubt understand the importance of having a successful website that appears on the first page of Google and the other search engines. You’ve no doubt received an email guaranteeing you a listing on the very first page of your chosen search engine, and you’ve no doubt questioned your present web designer about getting better rankings. You might think that search engine optimization (SEO) is

Should Sales Funnels Be Different for Different Types of Sales Letters?

The job of a sales funnel is to collect information about your prospects, turn them into leads, then into customers and ultimately repeat buyers and raving fans. Depending upon your goals, you may slightly change the order of sales funnel depending on where the entry points are. But for the most part, the sales funnel remains the same with the widest part at the top. It boils down to these

People Want Interesting Experiences

Have you ever had a job you hate? Dreaded going to work? It made getting up and being motivated an awful lot harder didn’t it? If you love what you do, and feel as if you’re contributing in some way to society, chances are you’re going to have much more satisfying life. If as a small business owner you can translate that feeling into providing those experiences for others, what

Podcasting Tools You Might Like

There are numerous tools that you can use to make your podcast extra special. You don’t really need much more than a way to record your podcast and post it for listening, but having these extra tools is always useful. SpeechPad This is a great way to get your podcasts transcribed so you can use them in other products and for SEO purposes. You can get transcriptions for as little


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