What Drives Millennials’ Behavior?

What Drives Millennials’ Behavior?

Highly educated, technology savvy, and curious about everything, millennials are also very brand loyal once they find that brand that gives them the openness, honesty and thoughtfulness that they’re looking for. If you want to attract millennials, you’ll have to learn about what makes them tick and what drives their behavior. Traditional Advertising Is Out Instead of advertising, it’s best to offer information about your product or service that is

Think Small When Making Videos

It’s really easy to get carried away when you start video marketing, I know I did and what started out as a short video ended up an epic forty-five minute one, as I wanted to included everything I possibly could. This however is a mistake, as the optimum video length is just 3 to five minutes. Every video you create should be about one very small topic and not a

Reaching New Customers Using Lookalike Audiences

Imagine this, you have a database of customers and you want to be able to use this list to find other new potential customers, sounds like a sales and marketing dream doesn’t it. Well, this is exactly what lookalike audiences are and you can locate them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even on AdSense. Each platform has its own name for them, but they are essentially the same thing, lookalike

Steps to Creating More Targeted Email Messages

You have probably experienced this yourself, you sign up to get email marketing messages from a particular website and almost immediately you feel as if you’ve made a mistake. In fact, you end up feeling like all the messages you receive are little more than spam. Most of the emails received remain unopened and unread and eventually you get so fed up you unsubscribe or worst still mark them as

Learn to Think Globally

When it comes to online marketing, you have to learn to think globally even if you only sell your products locally, why because we’re all connected nowadays as we have never been before and a simple question on social media can lead to numerous replies and recommendations from people all around the world. Which means that the person who saw your online marketing message in the UK might be speaking

Lookalike Audiences on Twitter

Trying to create the perfect audience is important, because marketing to the wrong audience may get you clicks but it won’t get you customers. Since you are paying for clicks, you want to only pay for the right clicks from your ideal audience. You can accomplish this with Twitter. There are special tools you can use to help you. Scrapers You can use a tool that “scrapes” or mines data

What Do Millennials Want from a Business?

Millennials are easily the largest consumer group since the emergence of the baby boomers. With approximately 80 million in the US alone this is most certainly a generation that marketers should not ignore. The people that were born between 1980 and 1999 form the millennial generation. As baby boomers slow down on purchasing, the millennials are taking their place. But, they think differently, act differently, and place their value differently

How to Market Your Store Externally

Marketing your Amazon store or any online store is pretty much just like marketing anything else. The only real difference is that your sending your potential customers outside of your own website to make purchases on another website. Under normal circumstances this would be frowned upon and would cost you sales, however Amazon is so well respected and trusted that it might actually improve conversion rates. Here are a few

How to Create a Community around Video

You have no doubt heard about YouTube’s popularity and have heard rumours about the earning power of some of their top performers shows and how important building a community is to their success. When you build a community you can quickly get results from any new product or service as soon as you launch it, because the community is already primed and ready to respond. For that to happen, though,


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