Using Positive Language in Your Conversations

Using Positive Language in Your Conversations

You could improve both your personal and business life tremendously by simply learning and using positive language in all of your conversations. When you learn this technique, you’ll instantly become more memorable and more persuasive in business meetings (and within your personal life conversations), and you’ll be able to work more effectively with people. We’re almost conditioned to think that negative language works better, what with all the negativity in

Seven Ways to Get Your First Client

When you start out working on your own one of the hardest things is the quest to find your first paying client. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, it’s difficult for any business and it’s where give up. They underestimate the time it will take to break that barrier and the steps required to break down barriers. These tips will help you be one of the entrepreneurs who

How to Get Your Points Across Clearly and Concisely

Often it can be difficult to get other people to listen to your message, some audiences for example are resistant and others aren’t at all educated about the subject matter you’re trying to explain. There are many reasons business people don’t get their point across, most often it’s simply a case of not understanding your audience and not listening to them. It is possible to get your point across clearly

Ten Things You Can Outsource Today

As internet access speeds have increased dramatically over recent years so as the ease at which business owners can outsource work become easier and easier as carrying out these jobs remotely is now as easy as doing it in person. What’s really good about outsourcing nowadays is that you can create a lean, adaptive and mean business that expands and contracts as you need it to. This will enable you

Top Three Social Media Sites to Focus Your Attention On

I’m often asked by small business owners; which social media sites should I use. The answer isn’t as straight forward as you might think, for instance you have to take into consideration your audience and were your audience hangs out. But, there are three social media sites that any business can use. Twitter This is definitely the top social media site that you need to be using, no matter what

Subtle Ways to Persuade Others to Follow Your Lead

Social media is so open and transparent that often it can seem like a daunting task to get people to follow your lead, but the reality is that it’s all about psychology both getting people to follow you inline and offline. If you’re seen as an authority in your niche, and you are committed and consistent about getting a particular result, you’ll be able to influence all types of people

What to Do When You Lose a Client

Nothing can feel worse than losing a client. It feels like a personal attack. It makes you question everything you thought was true about yourself and your business. But, the truth is you can bounce back if you know what to do when you lose a client. Don’t ever think it won’t ever happen to you, it will happen if you’re in business long enough, and it doesn’t even have

How to Use Social Media Platforms to Monitor Conversations Online

One of the very best ways to really get to know your target audience is to find out where they hang out online and then to simply spend time with them. Ask questions; see how they respond. Answer their questions too, monitor their conversations and get involved. By doing so it’ll appear to many as if you have a secret way of getting information about your niche that you wouldn’t

Why You Should Outsource More

Imagine working just for a few hours each week. In Timothy Ferris’ book “The Four Hour Work Week” he suggests that you can literally outsource almost every task you dislike doing and end up working four hours a week instead of the forty or sixty most business people do. While you might not want to go as far as that, you may be able to outsource enough things, to give


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