How to Set Realistic Sales Goals

How to Set Realistic Sales Goals

Setting realistic goals is a must if you ever want to achieve them, this is especially true of sales goals that you need to achieve to keep your business going forward. But, where do you start? How do you know the goals you set are right? What can you do to improve your goal setting? If you ask and answer the following questions, you’ll have a clearer idea of what

Famous Marketing Blunders and What We Can Learn from Them

Most marketing blunders can be traced directly to a lack of audience knowledge, and forgetting to put them first. Audiences and customers want to know what’s in it for them, and want to know that you get them. They don’t want to be confused by your message and feel unheard. Here are some famous marketing blunders that we can learn from. Coke versus New Coke The audience liked regular coke,

How to Become a Great Sales Person (seller) Even If You’re an Introvert

You don’t have to be an extrovert to be good at selling. In fact, there is no better time to be an introvert than today. With the advent of email marketing, automatic sales pages, and all the technology behind selling today, it’s an introvert’s paradise. Processes Are Your Friends When you create a sales funnel, it helps you create a process for selling. Follow the process and you’ll make the

Social Media Marketing Habits You Should Ditch

It happens sometimes; something that seemed like a good idea when you started it, has become a poor idea, it’s therefore time to toss out bad habits that do nothing to further your social media marketing. Paying for Likes Hopefully, you already stopped doing this if you ever did it. Most of the time, the links and followers you pay for are useless anyway. The real point of social media

Seven Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Being an entrepreneur is a dream of many. However, without the right knowledge it will remain a dream or a horrible failure. Thankfully, you can educate yourself about common mistakes entrepreneurs make – then avoid them. Avoiding Planning and Organizing in Advance There is no getting around it; you need to write a business plan and a marketing plan at the very least. You don’t have to write a book,

Planning Future Products, Services and Content

Every so often it’s important to start planning new products, services and content for the future. The New Year is a perfect time to accomplish this. By now you have a good idea of what worked and did not work last year, and using that information you can move forward into the New Year with new products, services and content. Understand Your Purpose Before you start any type of planning,

Nine Tips for Successful Business Networking

As a small business owner you may not even realize that you still need to network to ensure that your business grows. You may also feel overwhelmed with the idea of networking when you have a home business. But you need not worry – networking doesn’t have to be painful, and even an introvert can do it successfully. Just follow these tips. Set a Goal for Networking Without a goal,

Keeping Sales Consistent during Seasonal Slumps

Many people are familiar with the holiday push and the in-season push, but the truth is those are actually times where you can put in a little less effort to make good sales. It’s during off-season times where you must focus your marketing efforts to increase sales and capture the limited market. Grow Your Mailing List in Advance If you know that there is an off season for your market,

How to Stand Out Online

There are millions of people online and you need to stand out. The good news is that there is only one you. Therefore, the best way to stand out online is to be you because you’re the only one who can do that. Create a Detailed Profile Don’t leave out any information for your profiles on social media. You don’t want each profile to be an exact replica, but you


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