Case Study; Nash Grier Makes it Big with Vine

Case Study; Nash Grier Makes it Big with Vine

Nash Grier is a 15 year old from North Carolina who has made it big on the social network Vine. Vine is a site that allows you to make 6 second videos. Currently he has 4.8 million followers on Vine. This makes him the 23rd most followed person in the world! He has more followers than celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres and even Justin Bieber. So how did

Provide High Value to Visitors

When people are searching online for information they are generally looking for the same things that a search engine looks for. These people perform the search and then evaluate the website page to see if the information is authentic and of use to them. It therefore follows that if you always seek to provide high value information to your audience, you’ll be a lot more likely to not only attract

What is Passive Income and 8 Ways to Create It?

Many otherwise rational people see the term “passive income” and for some strange reason think of that it means earning money with no work, nothing however is further from the truth. The work you do is often done once, and then you keep making money later on the work you did before. It’s different from service-based work where you must do the work each time to produce income. With passive

Learning Leadership Qualities from the Past

Iconic figures from history throughout the years can serve as guidance to would-be leaders. Writers of leadership books use brilliant and effective historical leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Martin Luther King and Gandhi as examples of powerful icons of yesterday. Some past leaders are truly inspiring – and have had failures as well as many successes. The reason for the failures is mostly because leaders are also risk

Remember the Call to Action

Ask anyone involved with online marketing and the one thing they will all agree upon is that nothing is more important that your call to action (CTA). The CTA informs your audience of what it is you want them to do. Usually when it comes to CTAs, less is more, you want your audience to have just one or two choices of action to take. On YouTube Video for example,

Nordstrom & Pinterest

In this case study we will take a look at how the upscale retailer Nordstrom is using Pinterest to showcase their most popular products. In March of 2013 Nordstrom began experimenting with different ways to use social media to drive sales. They decided to use Pinterest in their experiment by ‘pinning’ items from 13 of their stores. They even added a most pinned section to their website. The Thought Process

Quality over Quantity

As a business website owner we all aim to build traffic to our websites, however we often fail to remember that quality matters more than quantity. You’ve no doubt heard the saying “less is more,” and this is generally true when it comes to building website traffic using methods like, content marketing, blogging, social media marketing and more. But, in many ways the idea of quality over quantity is not

What is the Business Follow Up?

What’s the most important part of your business? Is it reputation? Well, the reputation your business has on the street, among prior customers and your competitors has great effect on your future business prospects. How people think and talk about you and your business can have a great effect on a future decision to purchase your products or services. So yes, the reputation your business has in the community is

Most Watched Video Created by Dove

It only took one month after its release for Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ video to generate 114 million total views. This makes it the most viral ad video of all time. This video is a short film that uses an FBI trained sketch artist to draw women in two different ways. First they are drawn as they see themselves, then they are drawn based upon how a stranger sees them.

Who Should You Connect with on LinkedIn?

Networking on social media is a little different from networking in person. Typically in person someone introduces you to the connection, which gives you some credibility. On social media it’s not uncommon to connect with complete strangers. There is nothing really wrong with that, but make sure that you give a lot of thought and consideration to your goals as you connect with people. Quality over Quantity Don’t just connect


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