Great Business Leaders are Good Listeners

Great Business Leaders are Good Listeners

Becoming a better listener can make you a more effective leader in whatever leadership role you’re in. Whether you’re listening to your kids recount their days at school or in a meeting receiving feedback from your employees, it’s important that you listen carefully and become more mindful of what is said between the lines. As a leader, it’s not always easy to know what subordinates are thinking. They seem to

Web Security Terms and Jargon

Have you ever attempted to understand all that technical jargon that goes along with web security? Some of these technical websites, while extremely important, can be almost impossible for most people to understand. The easiest solution is to click away and figure out that you will deal with any security issues as they happen. Of course, this is not the best approach at all. This article will hopefully help simplify

Blogging with Integrity

Blogging with Integrity – Build an Online Business You Can Be Proud Of Regular blogging is a massive component of online business success nowadays. It doesn’t matter if you have a bricks and mortar store or are solely based online, blogging is essential to any businesses success. But, much in the same way that blogging or as it’s often called content marketing can make a business successful, it can also

Your Blog Should Be on Your Own Website

A lot of the people I talk to get confused between websites and blogs, whereas in reality blogs are websites and websites are blogs nowadays, at least they should be. Many business owners will spend a small fortune developing the best website that they can, it fails because it’s not interactive and is rarely updated. They then decide to add a blog and head off to Blogger or to

What Business Networking Is… and What It’s Not

There is a lot of talk these days about business networking. It’s easier than ever to find and interact with like-minded people, who may also be worthwhile business associates, customers, clients and potential partners. Meetup groups, Facebook groups, networking events at the local level held by your Chamber of Commerce, or large – even global – networking events held at resorts or in stadiums are but a few of the

Automation Is the Key to Great Customer Follow-up Success

It’s not enough to get your customer to buy. You need to keep them buying by building a long-term relationship with them. The key to doing this effectively is to offer follow-up customer service. Through follow-up customer service you continue offering valuable content, keeping lines of communication open, communicating your appreciation to the customer, and offering more deals. A great deal of time, work and effort goes into effective customer

Success Tips; A Business Mindset of Gratitude

In business, when success is finally found, it feels very, very good. Finally, after all of your hard work and dedication to your goal, you’ve arrived. It can often feel as if this success is owed you – after all, weren’t you the one who put in all the hours to attain it? It’s absolutely normal, healthy, and expected to feel a sense of pride when you reach a certain

A Closer Believes That They Can Close the Deal

The business world is a cutthroat, dog eat dog environment. Each business is any given field is competing with every other business in that field for a finite amount of customers. Those customers represent sales and the sales convert into profit. If a business isn’t profitable, it starves and dies. The choice of words here is intentional, since the similarities between survival in the natural world and in the business

Who Should Use LinkedIn and Who Shouldn’t

LinkedIn is meant for freelancers, business owners, high-ranking professionals and college students to make connections. It is not meant for sending funny memes, pictures of your cats, or even for use for “off color” businesses. It is a buttoned-up social network that should be treated with respect. Who Should Use LinkedIn Anyone who has a sincere need to connect with others, build relationships with others, and likes to work together


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