Content Marketing Finding your own Unique Voice

Content Marketing Finding your own Unique Voice

Can you remember reading a well-crafted piece of content by a content marketing professional who knows how to write in their own voice, you will have noticed something special about the tone and the flow of the words? You can feel the passion, the self-expression and the clarity in what they are trying to convey. Have you ever watched a video, a feature film for instance and had almost shed

Using the Right Keywords for your PPC Campaign

Whenever you undertake to run a PPC campaign, selecting the right keywords is a crucial part of having a successful campaign. Over the years I have watched lots of businesses waste thousands of dollars using inappropriate keywords often turn what would otherwise be a successful campaign into one that loses money. It’s therefore important to understand what type of keywords you need to bid on and why. Don’t Use Broad

Content is and Always Will Be King

I’ve heard people talk about content now being king anymore, especially on those social media platforms we all use, however in my opinion content and by that I mean original content is and always will be king, or if you prefer the key to the door that leads to online success. Whatever your own views are the fact remains that content plays a critical role in business and especially online,

How To Create a Solid Content Marketing Plan #infographic

If you want to succeed at content marketing you need to develop your own content marketing plan as this will help ensure that every piece of content that you create has a reason for existing whilst also helping you achieve your business goals.. My two favorite content marketing quotes. The purpose of content is to tell a story that attracts and engages your audience, the purpose of marketing is to

The Basics of Good Content Structure

I was reading an article today about overcoming writers block and I had one of those eureka moments, in that I realized that understanding good content structure is not only the key to creating content that people will understand and engage with, but it also makes the whole content creation process an awful lot easier. I’m not saying that every piece of content should be produced along these lines, but

Content Marketing With Google Hangouts

What is a Google+ Hangout? Google+ Hangouts is a unified communications service that allows anyone with a Google email account (Gmail) to initiate and participate in text, voice (you need a microphone to be heard) or video (you need a webcam to be seen) chats, either one-on-one or in a group. Hangouts are built into Google+ and Gmail, and free mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices. It’s

Can You Prove Content Marketing Works?

Content marketing often referred to as inbound marketing or authority marketing is a method of marketing that works on the principle that you if produce enough content correctly, then this content will attract your audience to you, engage them and establish your business as an authority in its niche and will generate sales, leads and business opportunities. This is how I explain content marketing: The purpose of content is to

Integrating Mobile Applications with Website Design

Integration of mobile applications and website is a very common practise today. Today’s consumer demands ubiquitous computing in order to access the desired information anywhere and everywhere. The share of mobile users is consistently increasing and the companies must look for ways to appeal these users. Mobile applications and website integration is one way to increase your website traffic. Integrating mobile applications to a website is not an easy task.

8 Deadly Sins of Closing a Sale

I used to work in the Middle East as a sales manager, this involved traveling all around the Middle East to our various offices and working with the sales professionals to help them, close sales. Training them and helping them personally develop, whilst all the time pushing for targets to be achieved. This was almost twenty years ago and although I’ve switched industries my love affair with sales, sales techniques

The Call to Action – Tell Then What to Do

The most important and also the most often neglected part of creating content for content marketing purposes, is the call to action. After engaging your audience with images of how your product or service is going to solve their problems and help them achieve their goals, you have to tell them exactly what to do in order to make it happen. Think of it, as giving them a nudge in


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