Using The Power of Persuasion in Your Content

Using The Power of Persuasion in Your Content

You might find it surprising to find that most the decisions you make every day are based on external factors that work to pursued you to go in one direction or the other. When you are driving your car, the behavior of other drivers may make you slow down and let them pass. When you go grocery shopping, the packing may subconsciously persuade you to purchase it. The same holds

Learn How to Use Twitter and Get 100,000 Followers

I don’t hide the fact that I’m a massive fan of Twitter, whenever I am advising businesses on marketing I always ask, do you have a Twitter account? If they don’t I always suggest that they get one, and fast. Twitter is the number one social media source for driving traffic to your website. Let me expand on that so that there are no doubts, Twitter drives more people to

How to Make Money as a Blogger

Blogging is a dream job for many. Write a couple of pages of text, from a sandy beach in some sort of romantic fantasy to the sound of ocean waves and sit back, soak up the sun and watch the cash come pouring in. The trouble is there are lots of bloggers out there who aren’t making anything, that spend their time creating blog post after blog post and wondering

How You Can Easily Increase Traffic to Your Website

Many people mistakenly believe that the more website visitors they attract the more sales and leads they will generate, based on the misconception that more visitors equals more sales. Whereas what you actually need are more of your target audience to visit if you want to make more sales. If you haven’t already you might want to read this article on how to define your ideal client. Now that we

Why Blogging More Isn’t Always Better

Blogging when done correctly will attract your audience to you. This means that your blogging activities can feature well within the search engines with the promise of increased traffic, email subscribers and customers, it often seems as if the more you blog the better. There are however many reasons why more isn’t necessarily better when it comes to blogging. Your Blog Has No Focus Creating a whole bunch of short

Using Interviews to Generate Content Topic Ideas

One of the main issues with content marketing is coming up with content every day, it’s often difficult if you don’t know creative ways to bypass “writers block” or “ideas block”. A great idea is to interview experts within your niche, not only will the interview make a great blog post or Video, Podcast and Blog post, but it can also help you with your future content ideas. Collect Ideas

Optimizing Video Blogs

It’s all too easy to start a video blog assuming that thousands of people are magically going to find you. Well they aren’t and all your hard work will be wasted, unless of course you promote your videos. And as we know SEO forms a worthwhile part of any online promotional campaign. Video search engine optimization is done is many ways, I’ll go through some of them here, but the

Buyer Personas Allow You To

Do you know why understanding your customers and developing buyer personas will help your business grow and flourish, it’s often the difference between making the sale and not making it. I understand this and whenever I talk to anyone about their marketing it’s one of the questions I ask, who are your customers, do you have buyer personas developed and this normally means more than one persona. This was brought

Writing to Sell versus Writing to Communicate

Almost every small business can benefit for hiring a writing, the improvement in audience engagement almost always guarantees a better conversion rate, however it can be difficult to determine what type of writing you want. There are different types of writing, each requiring different skills that you need to promote your small business. It’s really easy to think that all writing is the same and anyone that can write can

Online Marketing Stop Guessing and Know What Works

Do you have an online marketing plan or are you just guessing and shooting in the dark? You might even be a trend follower, in that you hear such and such works, and hey presto you’re off doing it. You have no plan about what content you will create, products to promote, or any of the information they you need to jump ahead of the pack and become that trend


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