Blogging to Market Your Local Business

Blogging to Market Your Local Business

Someone on one of the social media platforms mentioned yellow pages and that got me thinking how marketing has moved on to encompass much more than the traditional newspaper, radio and television advertisements. Businesses of all shape and size should now be utilizing all forms of online marketing. Especially as the vast majority of people now search the Internet for products and services even if they intend to purchase these

Ten Ways to Use Video for Marketing

Can you imagine writing a blog that contained over 1.8 million words, it would be pretty amazing to see although I don’t know if I’d like to read it. However according to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research, the value of a one-minute video is over 1.8 million words, which I find pretty amazing and it goes to show you the importance video has in your marketing mix. If you’re

Why Acknowledgements Matter

Why Acknowledgements Matter: To The Team Leader And The Team Members William James, the father of psychology, stated that the most fundamental psychological need is to be appreciated. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for the work we do. For leaders, the payoff for showing your appreciation is that your team members will do more for you. Team leaders often believe they are more appreciative of their members than the team

Mastering Digital Storytelling to Evoke Emotion

We all love a good story and the art of storytelling includes weaving in the facts you want to include along with all of the extra information that brings the reader closer to the storyteller. The aim is to weave a story that engages the reader and pulls them in, so that they really care about the outcome of the story. The more a customer cares about your story, the

Achieving Maximum Results From Blog Posts

Every single business should have a blog incorporated within its main business website, this isn’t a luxury it’s actually a necessity if you want to attract traffic to your website and generate more leads and sell more products and services. Let me put this another way, if you don’t have a blog incorporated within your website you are losing sales to those competitors of yours that do have. Posting articles

Understanding Customer-Centric Marketing

The only people that make money for your business are customers, they are the ones that bring the money to the table and customer-centric marketing stems from this. As with product development and content marketing the focus of customer-centric marketing is on the customer and not elsewhere. In order to learn to place this focus on your customers within your marketing, it’s important to understand why. Customers Bring All the

Content Creator or Content Curator

There seems to be an almost endless supply of curated content shared on social media nowadays, I know of many businesses that do nothing but share curated content and others that create all the content they use. Some people think you have to pick either creator or curator, however the truth is that there is no reason real reason why you should choose between content curator and content creation. Let’s

The Often Forgotten Elements of a Strong Brand

Businesses spend years building up their business brand and because it’s one of those intangible things, it’s often easy to forget how important it is to a business’s success or failure. In fact to have a long term business, branding is a lot more important than a particular product or service you offer today. Just think about the business brands you have come to know and love, and how have

How to Start Networking on LinkedIn

I’m a big fan of LinkedIn, it’s a business focused social media network that everyone in business should be an active participant of. It’s important to take LinkedIn serious, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to get started even if your business isn’t as popular as some of the others you will find on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has over 322 million users, with forty percent of these users logging

Real-Time Search Strategies

It’s important to understand how search engines play an important role in your efforts to implement a successful real-time marketing strategy. Not only will you need to use search engines to search to find out what is happening within your community, but you want your audience to conduct searches and to find the real-time marketing content that you push out. Boost Your Facebook Posts When you are using real-time marketing


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