Why Business Networking Works

Why Business Networking Works

I’ve been involved with business networking for over three decades now and I’ve always found it to always be the best way to find a job, get recommendations, and increase the buzz about any business. Networking isn’t anything new, it’s been going on long before the advent of computers. Golf courses, after hours business functions, and more have always been the traditional ways in which business people get together to

Use Your Competitors to Grow Your Business

Every single business has competitors, some businesses will market similar products and services whilst others will target the exact same audience. It therefore makes perfect sense to study your competition to improve your products and services, and audience engagement, your business will improve by the simple act of studying your competition. How Are Your Competitors Different from You? No competition is going to be exactly the same as you, you

What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is all about getting your message out about your products and services through as many different channels as possible. The goal of multi-channel marketing is to get your information into the hands of as many of your target audience as possible. How many channels your use will depend on the ways you sell your products and services as well as how you find, engage and interact with your

Want to be a Social Media Consultant

Thousands of Social media consultants seem to have sprung up overnight almost in fact as the plague of poor search engine optimization consultants is ending so the rise of poor quality social media consultants seem to be rising. Mainly because businesses now understand the importance of social media within their marketing mix and the demand for good social media consultants currently far out strips the supply. Typical consultants will typically

What Does Your Current Website Design Say about You?

As a business owner you hope your website design conveys certain values and ideas to your target audience, such as: You’re a professional You can do what you say you can do You care about your audience’s needs and wants But, so often web design is sadly deficient in projecting these ideas, business owners make mistakes designing their websites by not looking at their websites from their audience’s perspective and

15 Ways to Kick Start Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the number one priority of any business. It can make a huge difference in how your bottom line is. Training your team members in ways to increase your customers’ satisfaction is key in building a good relationship with the customers. Here are the top 15 ways to increase customer satisfaction: Listen to what they have to say. Some will just need to rant, even if they

Some Surprising Benefits of Networking

Networking is the single best thing you can do for your business and it’s also great for you. It can help make you get out of your comfort zone and into a new, more confident frame of mind. The more confidence you have, the more business will come and more business leads to more networking opportunities. It’s a circle of success that can bring a never ending stream of networking

How to Meet Your Growing Content Demands 

Content is the king of marketing, there is no way around it, this is true for both online and offline marketing. It’s been true for as long as people have been marketing. The only difference is that now, there are many more ways to get the information or content out to your audience, and for your audience to digest your specific content. Due this fact, your audience is hungrier for

Study your Competition for Product differentiation

Product differentiation is an essential component in being competitive today. Which means that on occasion you have to study your competition, because if you don’t know for sure what they are offering how can you be sure you are different? By studying your competition you can learn to: Study your Competition to Identify Gaps in Products or Services By lining up your products with your competitors you’ll be able to

Finding and Creating Collaborative Learning Opportunities

It doesn’t matter what sort of business you run, continual learning is something that you’ll need to do for the rest of your life, if you want to become and stay successful. Thankfully continuing your business education can be a fun and social experience especially if you involve yourself in collaborative learning opportunities. Finding Collaborative Learning Communities Social media Use social media to access a few local groups online, start by


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