Sources of Content for Your Website

Sources of Content for Your Website

Continually writing new and engaging content for your website or blog should be the aim of every single business owner and content marketing expert, this form of content marketing although hard work promises the best results, hundreds of thousands of page views and tens of thousands of visitors. The problem however is coming up with a continual supply of content that you can use, it’s actually not as hard as

Sometimes Life Throws You a Curve Ball, Blog about It!

I set up a small networking breakfast approximately eight years ago and our small group get together twice a month for breakfast and a catch up, we chat about business issues and anything else that takes our fancy as we’re all really good friends and nothing is really off topic. At last week’s breakfast Brian from Ecomist WA featured heavily telling us stories of his past jobs, now Brian has

Using Free Reports and eBooks to Build Your Business

One of the most effective forms of content marketing is the giving away of free things, these are typically free Reports and eBooks. They can help build your business fast by helping you spread your knowledge, establishing your authority and expertise and best of all helping you to collect email addresses for your mailing list. And despite what many may think, email marketing is still the single most effective method

Ways to Define your Ideal Client

Working out who your ideal client is can happen in a variety of ways, the very best way is to decide who they are, prior to inventing a product or developing your services as this allows you to tailor your product or service specifically to meet the needs of your ideal customer. Many people still do it, the other way around, successfully; it’s just more difficult to do. If you

Want to Become a Professional Blogger

Becoming a professional blogger for profit is now a very real career choice that many people can be successful doing if you have a plan of action, follow through with it and include these ten key ingredients of an effective and profitable blog. Determine Your Niche To become a great blogger you first need to work out your niche, a niche is basically a sub-market within a larger market. By

Turning Customers into Repeat Buyers

Every single business of every possible size spends more money on acquiring new customers than on keeping existing customers. As a business owner you can reduce costs and substantially increase turnover by turning the customers you already have into repeat buyers, turning your product cycle into a never ending circle by expanding your customer lifecycle, in “to infinity and beyond”… (As Buzz Lightyear would say). Let’s look at how you

Let’s Create An Ideal Customer Profile

The vast majority of business owners reading this will not have an ideal customer profile, they will have heard that they need one but they will tell themselves that they can service all types of customers and so an idea customer profile isn’t of any use to them. I know this is true, because for many years I said exactly that, and only once I developed my own ideal customer

Ten Ways Project Management Can Help You with Your Everyday Work Tasks

Many small business owners think that project management isn’t for them, they might have a service business or handle small projects, project management isn’t just for big projects, and it can be used for everyday work tasks. In fact, if you want to run a successful business then it’s imperative that you do use project management to help you with your everyday tasks. Project Management Helps You Understand Your Daily

Turning Affiliates into Affiliate Marketing Powerhouses

Imagine having a legion of loyal cheerleaders and fans, who at your command tell all and sundry they know about your products, services, sales and information. Word of mouth marketing or affiliate marketing has always been the very best form of marketing and creates better and longer term relationships with customers. How do you get affiliates to help with your marketing, let’s see, shall we? Use Well-Known Affiliate Marketing Tracking

Keys to Hitting Project Deadlines

Successfully designing websites on budget generally means that you have to beat project deadlines in order to keep within allocated time schedules. It doesn’t matter what type of projects you work on, if you can beat a deadline you’ll be in high demand, have lots less stress and you’ll have a reputation for delivering good work, on time and to budget. Here’s how to do it. Set Realistic and Attainable


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