Incorporate Social Media Marketing into Every Stage of Your Sales Funnel

Incorporate Social Media Marketing into Every Stage of Your Sales Funnel

Successful businesses are incorporating social media marketing (SMM) at every stage of their sales funnel, if you’re not, you should be. The first and most important aspect of SMM in your sales funnel has to do with your website blog, this should be connected to all of the various social media channels such as Twitter (my favorite), Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so forth, dependent on your particular niches and your

Dominate Your Local Market with Local Inbound Marketing

Marketing is all about knowing your target audience, getting their attention and making connections so that you can develop trust, local inbound marketing is no different. Once trust has been earned you can start to communicate with your audience in a way that is open, honest and prosperous. They will allow you to lead them in the right direction with your products, services, ideas and recommendations. Inbound marketing is completed

Find What People Are Sharing on Social Media and Why They Are Sharing It

Just like Search Engine Optimization one of the best ways to improve your social media campaigns is to study the competition, as well as the actions of your customers on social media. Understanding the psychology behind your target audiences’ actions will go a long way to helping you know how to approach them in the future with content that you want shared. In addition, knowing how what your competition is

Kick Start Your Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

As a business owner your content marketing strategy should be the core of your social media marketing strategy. Without content you don’t have anything to use, to market your business on social media with, and without social media you often don’t have a good way to get your content notice quickly. Therefore, content marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand. As a business owner, content marketing is a

Pick Me, Pick Me, Earning the Attention of Your Target Audience

Every single business owner that operates in your niche is trying to earn the attention of your target audience, this is an ongoing process that transcends location. To compete and gain attention for your business you’ll need to earn attention online, offline and in between to make the most impact. You should be earning attention from the content that you share on every channel. The content needs to be consistent,

Increase Your Businesses Profitability with a Business Plan

Business Plans frighten many business owners, however as a professional business owner you understand that you must periodically examine your business and determine if it’s meeting your aims and its full potential. A good time to do this is yearly (before the end of your financial year end), but if you’ve not done this for a while, that’s okay, clear a day and take an objective look at how you’re

Creating Multiple Streams of Business Income

If you were to win a large amount of money and then decided to invest a good proportion of it, would you expect your financial advisor to invest it in just one stock? Just like investing, earning business income should not be done from a single source. When you invest, you choose a wide variety of different stocks (businesses) in which to invest in, in order to leverage any loses

Choosing the Right Controversial Topic to Write About

One of the best ways to generate more attention on the Internet is to write about a controversial topic. Controversy can encourage your audience to participate more, which can actually in some cases go viral, thus grabbing even more attention that you maybe can handle. It’s a fine line to walk when using controversial topics to get more attention on social media. But, there are ways to choose topics to

Using LinkedIn For Business Success

As a business owner you should have accounts with all of the social media channels, and especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows business owners to increase their reach beyond who they know, to who their friends know. Remember the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? Well if you don’t this was a game that purports that everyone on the planet is connected by six degrees of separation. You could find a path

Email Marketing Campaigns That Attract More Clients

E-mail marketing is not about attraction, it’s more about conversions and it’s important to understand this. Your list building activities are about attraction, your email marketing is about engaging your audience, making connections and building trust so they convert to clients. All marketing campaigns start with pretty much the same requirements; understanding your goals and knowing your target audience. Attraction is made up of various events such a regular blogging,


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