Time Management – The Three Ps of Success

Time Management – The Three Ps of Success

No matter who you are, there are just twenty four hours in any given day. It’s impossible to get more time in your day, no matter how hard you try, you have this set budget of time and it’s the exact same amount for everyone. Yet, some people seem to get so much more done than others with the same amount of time. How? Why? For everyone it all starts

Think Outside the Box To Solve Problems

Some people are just naturally gifted, they seem to be able to think big, dream big and are great big picture thinkers, and some people are not so fortunate and are not able to see outside of the box they have created for themselves. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can learn to help you think outside of the box and see the bigger picture, so that you can

Productivity Tactics for Busy Business Owners

As a busy business owner it can seem almost impossible at times to get everything you have to do, done. Do you look around at others and wonder how they get so much done and make it all look so easy? There are some tried and tested methods for getting more done each day that you may not have considered as an business owner. Delegate No matter how large or

The Secret to Successful Time Management

As business owners you’re often asked to estimate how long a particular task or project might take. Whether you are working on projects for yourself or for others, it’s important to get this time estimate right. You should aim to overestimate or get the time estimate just right, but you never want to underestimate. If you charge by the hour, clients are always thrilled to read an invoice and discover

Link Building Checklist for Beginners

If you do the same things over and over again and expect different results, it’s crazy … however to do complex tasks over and over again it’s likely that you’ve developed a checklist and for those that follow me on Facebook, yes I did pick this subject up from a short conversation there when I wasted an afternoon because I forgot to set a wildcard DNS entry. Many business people

Illustrating Problems and Solutions with the Written Word

There is a certain power in visual communication that’s why you often hear sayings such as a picture is worth a thousand words, this power isn’t always present with just words. But, words are how we often describe the visual elements, define problems, and develop and describe solutions. Therefore, if you are mindful you absolutely can use the written word to illustrate problems and solutions in a way that your

Identifying Your Competitors’ Linkable Assets

As a business owner you understand how important it is to undertake regular market research however how often do, you actually do it, how often do you look at your competitors so that you can understand your market? Are your competitors doing anything similar to what you want to do, find out how they’re doing it, when they’re doing and what their results are from doing it. As a Website

How to Write Effective Teaser Headlines

Writing engaging headlines that engage and pull people in, is a very specific type of copy that can actually be considered an art form. Everyone wants to write clever headlines that grab people’s attention, but that don’t lie or mislead your audience. You want to pique their interest so that they’ll click through to the article and read the rest of what you have to say. Don’t Promise Too Much

How to Use Focus Groups to Your Advantage

Do you want to improve your business and make it focused more specifically on the needs and wants of your customers? Well, it’s not just large corporations that should use focus groups. Focus groups allow you to create new products and services, there also allow you to improve on products and services that you offer. Someone in a company typically records the responses from a variety of individuals who have

Turn Everyday Experiences into Opportunities

Let’s take a minute and consider something experienced by everyone, almost every day. When you woke up this morning, were you excited to start your day or were you irritated to be woken up? If you were full of beans and excited to start your day it’s likely that you see the opportunity in even the most mundane experiences. If however you were irritated and provided you didn’t have an


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