Why Facebook Isn’t Enough?

Why Facebook Isn’t Enough?

Many small business owners have jumped on the Facebook Page bandwagon. Some are even abandoning the idea of having web pages and blogs in favor of a Facebook Page. It seems so much easier than the other options. However, this is a huge mistake. Facebook is not enough in the world of online marketing to make a difference. Here’s why. Your Online Presence Needs Many Entry Points To attract your

Too Good to Be True? Traffic Methods to Avoid and Why

Almost every Website owner will at some point run across somebody or an offer that seems to be too good to be true, they will give you tips to increase traffic to your website and they won’t care if in the process it ruins your entire business. All these people care about is making the sale and selling you a product that works. Sure, many of these traffic generating tips

Tips for Marketing Your Seminar

Once you decide to run an online seminar, you will need to market it to make it successful. If you want anyone to come, you have to tell people about it. And of course the more people you tell, the more people who will sign up and come to your online seminar, that’s the theory at any rate. Blog about Your Seminar Don’t keep the seminar a secret until it’s

A Successful Online Presence Is More than Just a Website

There are currently in excess of 30 billion indexed web pages held within Google servers and this figure is increasing every single second. This means that your website noticed by a significant number of prospective customers is almost impossible if all of your marketing ducks are not lined up. The dynamic nature of the Internet means that things change fast, consumer patterns change and so do access devices, consider smartphones,

Tips for Creating Engaging Content

When you create content for your website, it needs to attract search engines by using the right type of keywords. But, it also needs to be engaging for your audience and especially your target customers if you are in business. After all, remember that humans are reading the content, not robots. Therefore, even though you need to use keywords in the text, it doesn’t mean the content should be boring

Three Top Hacks for Driving More Traffic to Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a great way to get a website up and running fast. Free, flexible, and endlessly customizable, it is suitable for both large and small projects. Whether you are developing a small personal blog, setting up a media-rich portfolio site, or in charge of managing a major corporate website, WordPress can make your job easier and your work more powerful. With tens of millions of sites currently running the

Learning to Code 101

Learning to code and program your own website is a skill that is becoming more and more desirable not just for business owners and employees alike, but for job-seekers as well.  It’s recognized as a valuable asset to up the skill-set of any worker, and it’s easier and more accessible than ever with so many resources out there online for you to get started. The first step is to decide what you

Things to Consider When Creating Your Social Media Content

A lot of people don’t think of social media sharing as content. But it is content. You may be sharing content you wrote for your blog, or an article, or a guest post on someone else’s blog, but you still have to create content just for your social media networks to make the social media really work well for you. When creating social media content there are some specific things

The Best Platform for Building Your Business Website

To build a well-running, attractive website you need a content management system (CMS) that allows you to develop an “all-in-one” online presence. You need a place to host your blog, your articles, and other information about your products and/or services. The very best CMS that is available today is simple to use, easy to update, and used widely by small and large businesses alike. That platform is self-hosted WordPress. First,

Six Things You Can Do with Private Label Right (PLR) Content

Private label content is content that someone else wrote, that you purchase all the rights to. Licensing varies but typically you can use it for whatever reason you want to use it for and represent it as your own. In most cases, the license requires that you alter the PLR in some way. In addition to purchasing PLR from a qualified and quality provider, it’s important to pay close attention


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