How to Grow Your Editing/Proofreading Business

How to Grow Your Editing/Proofreading Business

You are the proud owner of an editing/proofreading business. You knew what you wanted to do, and got to work at it. This means you have mastered the first step in running a small business, and you deserve a pat on the back for it. However like most entrepreneurs, you have hit that proverbial bump in the road. Business is slow, and you’re not exactly sure how to grow your

Five Great Marketing Tools to Be On the Lookout For

With the growing number of people who are getting into online marketing, it’s getting more competitive each day. Online marketers must work hard to stay ahead of the game. New Internet trends emerge faster than you can blink, and by staying on top of them, your business will flourish. There are tons of tools that online marketers can use to get their messages across and keep their sites at the

Where Can I Find Small Business Start-Up Grants

When you’re trying to start up a small business, the idea of finding the capital to get started can be daunting. However, don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of people and companies out there willing to invest in you and your business. The key is finding all the opportunities available to you and taking advantage of them: * Banks. The most obvious place to go to get a small business

Google Reader and Its Amazing Wonder

Google Reader has now been closed, this post remains as a reminder of something that was and something that isn’t anymore. RSS feeds have made accessing information online much simpler. They allow us to view the latest from our favorite blogs, social media sites, and other frequently updated mediums with the greatest of ease. But in order to utilize them, we must have a feed reader. There are lots of

Google Can Be a Marketer’s Best Friend

There are all sorts of tools available online that can help Internet marketers. There are keyword finders, SEO analyzers, do-follow blog lists and much more. But did you know that you can find out most of the information you need for marketing from Google? Google is best known for being the Internet’s most popular search engine. Over half of Internet users search regularly with Google, either at, through a

Goal Setting 101

If you want to be successful, one of the most important steps is setting goals. If you just work to get things done, you end up going through the motions with no real purpose or drive. Setting goals gives you something to strive for, and skyrockets your chances of actually being successful, no matter what you set out to do. To make the most out of setting your goals, there

Getting Your Message Across Accurately

There are several obstacles you may encounter when you are an internet or home-based business owner. However, the most prominent one can also result in being the biggest problem. Communication between yourself and your employees, as well as your clients, must be direct, explicative and most of all understood. Getting any business message across is paramount to the success of not only the business, but the success of employees or

FriendFeed Is a Great Marketing Tool

The increased social interaction available on the Internet has contributed greatly to its appeal. More and more people are going online to connect with friends, family, and even people they’ve never met in person in ways that were never before possible. They can leave messages on one another’s MySpace pages, rate and discuss news stories on Digg, and browse one another’s favorite web pages on The Web is brimming

What Is Franchising?

In the current economy, it can be daunting to start a new business. In fact, it may be impossible for you to start one since small business loans are so hard to come by. In franchises, you become a small business owner, but you are also a part of a larger group. This means you not only have an established product people trust, but you also have a group of


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